Stay On Top of Apple Device Management News: May 2022

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Using Parallels Desktop to Simplify macOS Testing – Parallels Blog

If you’re a developer or IT admin, testing new software can be a time-consuming and tedious process. But what if there was a way to simplify the process by running multiple versions of macOS side by side? That’s where Parallels Desktop comes in. This tool will allow IT admins to simulate advanced automated device enrollment workflows that would only be possible with physical devices. Read the blog to learn how to easily roll back and test mechanisms over and over within minutes.

Apple Device Sideloading: What MSPs Need to Know – ChannelE2E

For iOS devices, sideloading is the process of installing an app in IPA format instead of going through the Apple App Store. Read our latest blog on ChannelE2E to find out how proposed anti-monopoly legislation could impact the practice of sideloading and put security protections at risk.


The Truth About Managing Macs With An RMM Tool – ChannelE2E

Nowadays, it is surprising to hear of MSPs using legacy remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools to manage Macs even though these tools don’t have what it takes to efficiently and securely manage macOS. Read our blog to learn why using an MSP-friendly Apple MDM solution alongside your RMM tool is key to ensuring standardization across all your devices and protecting them from cyber threats. Plus, learn what to look for when searching for an Apple device management solution. 


Apple To Shutter Fleetsmith As Device Management Rivals See Opening – CRN

After Apple announced that it would cut support for Fleetsmith, many MSPs with smaller clients are still tied to their system and stuck trying to move to a new service provider. Read CRN’s article, where Addigy Founder & CEO, Jason Dettbarn, explains the importance of looking for a third-party MDM and how you can make the change at no cost with Addigy. 


Steal This Energizing Way to Shorten Meetings – Inc. Magazine

When digressions and off-topic discussions in meetings were happening more often during the pandemic, we decided to create better meeting habits for the health of our productivity. Learn how Addigy’s yellow-flag policy has become a part of our culture and boosted productivity.


Tech Giants will Soon Implement Passwordless Sign-in On all Major Platforms – The Verge

The tech giants Apple, Google, and Microsoft announced on May 5th, World Password Day, that passwordless authentication will come to all major device platforms in the near future, which will allow the user to choose their phone’s main authentication method for apps, websites, and other digital services. Read the article to learn why a passwordless login process will benefit everyone with simplicity and security, and how this function is being made possible by a standard called FIDO.


The music lives on – Apple 

Since its introduction over 20 years ago, Apple captivated users all over the world with its famous iPod, which gave us the ability to take our music with us on the go. Read Apple’s latest Newsroom update to find out its discontinuation of the iPod and how its spirit will live on in other Apple devices.

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