All New Integrations and More

We are very excited to announce the next piece of our work to improve the Addigy user experience – an all new Integrations page. The Integrations page remains the single place to control and enable Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager, integrations to 3rd party products, and granting access to applications to use the Addigy API.

As part of ongoing efforts to improve your experience using Addigy, we have worked to make the Integrations page more straight forward to use putting the information you need most close at hand.

Several of the key differences you will notice right away include:

  • Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager integrations are front and center.
  • Addigy integrations are broken out from 3rd party integrations into their own section to make them easier to find. Single Sign-on Providers are broken out into their own section.
  • Each API Integration you’ve enabled continue to be at the bottom of the page.

Enabling an API integration and the links to the API Docs have not been moved. They remain at the top of the page. And API Integrations previously created remain at the bottom of the page.

You can also see Addigy Identity in the screen shot. Addigy Identity Okta and Azure is currently in beta and you can join the beta by requesting access via a support ticket.

Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think. If you have any questions, let us know!


GoLive – the Evolution Continues

The latest release of Addigy includes more changes to GoLive intended to improve your experience using Addigy to take care of your customers.

First you’ll notice that there is a new tab “Security”. This tab replaces what was the “FileVault” tab and will be the place you find all things security related for both iOS and Mac devices.

The Security tab will display the FileVault Encryption details when you’re viewing a Mac. If you’re viewing an iOS device you’ll see a brand new MDM command we’ve added with this release: “Clear Passcode”. We have many more capabilities planned for the Security tab and they will be rolling out soon.

Next you’ll see another new tab “Networking”. The first thing you’ll notice  is that “Speed Test” has moved to the new Networking tab, and the “Speed Test” tab is gone. This is part of our effort to simplify where things live in GoLive by putting related items together on the appropriate tab.

In this spirit you will see two new MDM capabilities on the Networking tab. First is the MDM command to toggle Remote Desktop access on Mac. Second is the turn on and off AirPlay Mirroring on devices.

As well as with the Security tab, there will be more capabilities coming to the Networking tab soon too!

To get the full details of this and every release please visit here.

GoLive Gets a Fresh Look (and a Few New Features)

Summer isn’t over yet! In June we announced the first of a number of planned upgrades to your UI, Today we are very happy to announce our next big enhancement to our UI. Our next step on this path is with a fresh look and new features in GoLive! Look for these changes early next week.

The first thing you’ll see when you open the new GoLive is the Overview tab now shows all the Device Facts Addigy collects from your fleet along with all your Custom Facts. You can jump to the Filter box and immediately limit the list of facts displayed to those matching your Filter criteria.

Next, we have implemented an often requested feature in Addigy to simplify moving a device from Policy to Policy. You can now do this directly from the GoLive page via a searchable dropdown. You will be able to quickly move a device out of its current Policy into the Policy you have chosen with just a few clicks.

Underneath the device icon, you’ll see the Device status dropdown. From Device status you can Restart, Shutdown, Lock, Erase, and if an iOS device is Supervised, enable Lost Mode. Once in Lost mode you will be able to update the device location,play a sound, or disable Lost Mode.

Throughout the next few releases, you will see more and more MDM Commands added to Golive.

GoLive will feel very much as it did in the past but with a fresh UI. We’ve added additional filtering capabilities on the Deployments, Installed Apps, and the Ports tabs to help you find things more quickly.

More capabilities will be coming soon to GoLive! All of those MDM commands that have appeared in our API over the last several months will begin to appear in GoLive as well! Look for those capabilities soon.

For more information on this and other release, please visit

The New Era of Updates Continues

Picking Up Right Where We Left Off

Back in May, Addigy announced the start of something great: UI/UX page updates to provide you with the best user experience possible. In fact, you may have already noticed the new user interface changes on the side navigation bar: “Get Started” page, “Users” page, and a few other tabs on the platform! We vow to continue optimizing your experience by continuously working on our UI to create more efficient and polished workflows.

Fresh Out of the Oven

This week, we are happy to share with you our latest user interface optimization to the “Add Devices” page. Along with the release of our UI rework, we are also introducing a brand new  API endpoint for gathering organization events data. Additionally, we have built-in a new device fact which will detect if the device is enrolled in Addigy MDM.

Add Devices Page Reworked

Old UI:

New UI:

  • We want to make it clear on what steps you should be taking when you arrive at the “Add Devices” page and this is why we’ve removed a lot of the overhead UI when the page initially loads and simplified it down to a plain decision to get started: “Which policy do I want to enroll into?”
  • We’ve made it extremely intuitive to find your devices on the “Add Devices” page. Previously you had to scroll up and down searching for your policy name, but now you can simply start typing into the “Policy Name” search bar and you’ll be presented with options as you type. This should reduce the time you spend searching and decrease the time for deployments.
  • After a policy is selected, a full list of installation options available for the policy is presented in the Addigy recommended order. We moved MDM installs to the top because we believe that to be the best and most reliable way of onboarding your devices into Addigy. This method not only allows for the enrollment of iOS and tvOS devices but also allows for the enhanced functionality to MacOS devices running our agent.
  • We continue to provide multiple ways of enrolling, such as Agent PKG, Agent Command line install, sending emails with download links and downloading of the MDM profiles. However, we are now adding one more to the list, the ability to enroll devices in MDM via QR code!

New Events API Endpoint

We’ve heard your requests and this is why we’ve added support for being able to pull Events data from the API. With this endpoint, Addigy Admins will be able to track, log, and act on the events being triggered in Addigy. You can find the documentation on the Addigy Platform under Account -> Integrations -> API Docs

New Device Fact – Has MDM

Lastly, We want to make it easier for you to know when your devices are Addigy MDM enrolled. MDM allows for a whole new feature set and a secure and reliable protocol to manage your devices. This is why we are adding “Has MDM” as a default fact now supported in Addigy.

Still More to Come

At Addigy we continue to look for ways to create a simple and turn-key experience for enrolling, provisioning, and managing your Apple devices. Stay tuned for more updates to come as this is only the beginning ;).


We’ve Put Together a Fresh UI Look for the Summer!

We are excited to share a preview of the UI enhancements that we will be shipping this week!

The first thing you will notice after the update goes live will be the freshly redesigned sidebar navigation. We have done away with the gray-on-gray color palette and opted for a very Miami blue and teal ;). Our goal with this refresh was to add clarity to the sidebar and make your daily tasks easier to accomplish. Some of the enhancements to this area are:
  • Downloads section has been renamed to Add Devices for added section clarity
  • Billing has been moved underneath Account
  • Account section now has the following subsections:
    • Settings (moved from upper right gear)
    • Integrations (moved from support)
    • MDM Settings (renamed from Account)
    • Users (moved from support)
    • Billing (moved from main navigation)
  • New flashy icons for each section that look beautiful on a Retina Display
  • and that new paint job!

In addition to the sidebar changes, we moved all the content from the General Settings gear in the upper right to underneath the Account section. We felt like it was best to streamline all the settings by putting them into a single section on the left and hope you all enjoy the new location. We have kept the Account Settings shortcut that can be expanded by clicking on your email address for those who are using the gear.

Hip Hip Hooray for a New Era at Addigy: UI/UX Page Updates!

We Heard You!

Addigy really loves its customers (that’s a given!), but what we love even more, is when you share your thoughts with us. This is why we gathered your feedback about UI/UX and turned it into actions!

A New Era

Today marks the beginning of a new era for Addigy: Web UI. We are on a mission to provide our customers with not only a sharp and user-friendly interface, but also a premium user experience that allows for elaborate and efficient workflows without all the added complexity. Addigy gets it—our customers simply do not have time to be stuck on a loading screen or jumping through hoops to get simple functionalities deployed. With this in mind, Addigy commits to working diligently on our user interface and user experience moving forward. Don’t worry though, your current workflows won’t be disturbed through our UI optimization. You also won’t wake up one morning to a completely new Addigy look, but you will begin to notice gradual, intuitive improvements along the way.

First-in-Line: Solutions Page

Our first UI optimization comes to the Solutions page, which has been revamped from top to bottom. What was once a quick way to access our knowledge base within the web portal, is now a centralized hub for information and a guide for new customers. This will simplify the onboarding process for new customers and provide clearer knowledge resources for current customers.

What’s Changed? Let’s Take a Look


Next? Users Page

Second in line is the Users page. The Users page is where you can add/remove users from your organization, give them different permissions across the platform, view individual user activity, and export user data. The strong functionality of the Users page remains the same, but what has changed is the way we display this information. The previous UI was a tad clunky and slow, so we polished it up for you by giving it a smooth appearance and utilizing the pages real estate more efficiently, making the overall page more performant.

What’s Changed Here?


Now and Later

This is only the beginning. We are committed to creating the best overall user experience possible for admins managing Apple devices. From here on out, we plan to make changes to the Issues page, Integrations page, and the File-Manager modal that you see when creating custom software. Stay tuned, as this is just the first of many exciting updates to come!

Come check out the new look and all the other amazing perks Addigy has to offer!

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Bye-bye Bandwidth Draining, Hello LANCache

High Availability Caching

As IT Admins, pushing hundreds of files to the machines that we manage is all too familiar. Feeding these large files, such as those from Adobe and Microsoft Office Suite, can cause us to tax the bandwidth of our sites. While some sites enjoy the luxury of unlimited 1Gb download speeds, other sites suffer from not only slower speeds, but have a data usage cap they must stay within to avoid surplus charges. Addigy prioritizes keeping costs low and large deployments efficient, which is why we are delighted to announce improvements to our zero-touch, high-availability caching utility: Addigy LANCache.

Save your Bandwidth and Increase Deployment Efficiency

Addigy’s LANCache does not require you to trade the speed or efficiency of your deployments to save bandwidth on your site. LANCache allows all Addigy-enabled machines on your network to share files through the LAN, instead of reaching out of the network and draining that valuable bandwidth. LANCache uses an industry-first algorithm to identify the best machines for caching on the network, does not require a dedicated caching server, and finds the optimum routes for file distribution to increase download speeds across all file deployments. If this didn’t convince you yet, just keep reading below for even more awesome features.

Forget your Static Caching Server

Addigy’s LANCache requires zero configuration to get started and comes at no extra cost for Addigy customers. Yes, you read that right! Our premier algorithm weighs all machines on the network by hardware specs, speed tests, and custom values that you can set to dictate which machine should be used as the primary caching server.

Smart Fallback

Because we use a weighted algorithm approach, you never have to worry about your static server dying on you and your devices reaching outside of the network. Addigy’s LANCache will simply find the next best machine on the network to use as a caching server. It’s that simple.

No Dedicated Machine Needed

Dedicated machines to handle caching are a thing of the past. With Addigy LANCache, all your machines work together to bring you the low-cost and high-efficiency that your network needs.

More details on managing the Addigy LANCache utility.

Save bandwidth and increase deployment efficiency with Addigy LANCache included at no extra cost.

Try us FREE for 14 days and see how you can Apple better with Addigy.