Webinar | Apple IT Management: A Moneymaker MSPs Are Ignoring

Join us on April 28th at 2pm EST to discover the 3 ways, Matt Lee, Director of Tech & Security at IconicIT, is leveraging Addigy to deliver top-notch service for his clients with Apple devices.

Did you know that properly serving your client’s Apple fleet can be the next revenue generator for your MSP?

Discover the 3 ways IconicIT is leveraging Addigy to deliver top-notch service for their clients with Apple devices.

Join us for our live webinar as we discuss:

  • Learning to manage a Mac environment as a “Windows expert” can be easier than you think
  • Using a tool like Addigy, can help you expand your business, but more importantly, can:
    • Provide you with a scalable solution for securely managing an apple ecosystem
    • Improve your user image, as you transition from a Windows expert to an “Apple Management Pro”
    • Give your clients peace of mind, knowing their infrastructure is always compliant

Plus, a lucky attendee will win a $250 Apple gift card during our live raffle at the end of the webinar.

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