Integrate an IT Ticketing system or PSA Software with Addigy’s MDM Platform

As most IT professionals can attest to, ticketing systems are complex. Because IT needs often change based on the size, scope, budget, and long-term goals of an organization, IT service standards can be hard to pin down. 

As it relates to mobile device management (MDM), remote ticketing systems allow organizations to offer uninterrupted support and service for mobile devices. The ability to deliver IT services securely provides flexible options for fully remote businesses. When selecting an MDM platform, accounting for IT Ticketing systems is both helpful and practical.

Addigy makes it easy to tie in third-party ticketing systems to improve the professional service automation (PSA) or IT Ticketing systems process, thus offering a superior user experience.

What is a PSA Tool or IT Ticketing system?

PSA is a professional services automation software. The main function of the PSA platform is to act as a cohesive solution for back-office functions, including service desk management.

The most important function of the PSA tool is its ability to integrate with your remote monitoring and management (RMM) or mobile device management (MDM) platform so you can do an effective job of staying on top of your IT infrastructure.

PSA software and ticketing systems describes the entire process of delivering IT-related services to customers and end users. Many IT Ticketing systems cover every step in the chain, from delivery of the initial mobile device to issue resolution and feedback. 

In some instances, ticketing systems play into the larger scope of business operations by making sure that requests are serviced quickly, efficiently, and in such a way to maximize available resources.

Leveraging MDM for IT Ticketing and Professional Service Automation

Why should IT teams invest in connecting their existing IT ticketing processes to a mobile device management (MDM) system? The answer is related to automated remediation. A modern device remediation mindset is meant to:

  • Help IT teams become proactive rather than reactive
  • Audit and enforce all security protocols related to device management and use
  • Gain a clearer picture of the entire network (individually and holistically)

No matter the size or abilities of your current IT team, monitoring and remediation promote good resource management and time distribution. Responsible (and proactive) distribution of resources is a game-changer for small, mid-size, and enterprise businesses alike. 

Syncing Devices to Ticketing Integrations

Addigy doesn’t replace an existing IT ticketing tool, but with Self Service, it’s possible to incorporate a third-party ticketing system for better, faster workflows. 

Addigy supports ticketing integrations like Connectwise Manage, Zendesk, and AutoTask. Once these platforms are correctly set up in your policy, devices can then be manually synced to the integration company and corresponding account. 

As soon as new devices are added to the policy, IT staff can manually sync those devices as well. This step ensures that all new devices and ticketing requests are visible. 

Syncing devices prevents IT bottlenecks, making it easier for IT staff to have optimal visibility and transparency when responding to service issues. At the end of the day, adding a ticketing integration to your existing MDM processes can significantly reduce frustration and expedite your maintenance results.

Streamline IT Management

Ticketing systems play an important role in providing excellent service to end users and device owners. If you’re in charge of maintaining hundreds of mobile devices, you need a reliable and proven system for tackling new requests and tasks. With smart syncing and advanced ticketing integrations, Addigy makes the process easy. 

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