Apple Mobile Device Management Shouldn’t Be Complicated or Expensive

Addigy lets you easily deploy software, create system configurations, perform full audits in minutes. No server setup. No training cost. No commitment. 100% Risk-Free.

Trusted by the over 3,000 organizations worldwide

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Why Apple MDM with Addigy?

Up and running in minutes


Because of Addigy’s fully cloud-based architecture, there is no need for setting up and maintaining monolithic server instances or learning several different distributed applications.

Encryption, Security & FileVault Keys


Addigy lets you easily assess the current security status of everyone in your organization, including their FileVault keys.

OS & Application Management


Control all installed OS versions and deploy any latest updates from Apple. Review and manage installed applications. Remote install from our catalog or popular apps, or deploy your own.

Policies that fit your organization


Configure policies across any segment, from one device to all of them. Granular control over many aspects of macOS and iOS devices. Ensure that all policies are always enforced.

Manage Apple devices in a straight-forward way

Manage Apple devices based on your workflows so you know every user can remain productive

Features that our customers rave about

  • 100% SaaS
  • Multi-tenancy features to view every environment under one pane of glass
  • Provisional and identity management
  • Native remote access and support solutions
  • Streamline PPPC packaging, for a seamless experience
  • Perpetual MDM to keep you in constant communication with your devices

What the pros say about us

"Addigy has allowed me to do more with less… I didn’t have to hire more people just because I took on more clients. Being able to do something once and push it down a hierarchy has pretty awesome power."


Zvon Petric



"Addigy gives me abilities I never had before as an IT professional…it’s given me the ability to have a ‘third employee’ and has uplifted my own quality of work."


Sam Litt

President of Enterprise Information Strategy and Technology


"Anytime we’ve has a question, concern, suggestion, we’ve seen a response right away within 24-72 hours…when it comes to a feature request, it’s very rarely more than 2 weeks before we see that feature on the platform."


Avery Z. Chipka

Technology Collective International


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