Apple Mobile Device Management Shouldn’t Be Complicated or Expensive

Addigy lets you easily deploy software, create system configurations, and perform full audits in minutes. No server setup. No training cost. No commitment. 100% Risk-Free.

Award-Winning Apple Device Management Solution


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Built to Scale and Grow with You

Whether you have 50 or 50,000 Apple devices, Addigy helps you easily manage every machine in your network securely from the cloud

Our multi-tenant nature allows you to seamlessly segment your machines to fit your business.

Robust Policy Management

Enforce device commands to single machines or roll them out across entire organizations from one location.

Deliver custom software packages to your devices or leverage the hundreds of software titles in our platform ready to be deployed.

Complete Asset Management

Addigy lets you know what is going on underneath the hood of any Apple machine in your environment and allows you to take action.

Push sophisticated commands to all of your devices and make sure they are executed with real-time status updates.

World-class Security Management

Security and privacy are at the forefront of Addigy’s brand.

Sleep soundly knowing we will notify you of any malicious threats in your environment and give you the tools to mitigate accordingly.

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