GoLive – the Evolution Continues

The latest release of Addigy includes more changes to GoLive intended to improve your experience using Addigy to take care of your customers.

First you’ll notice that there is a new tab “Security”. This tab replaces what was the “FileVault” tab and will be the place you find all things security related for both iOS and Mac devices.

The Security tab will display the FileVault Encryption details when you’re viewing a Mac. If you’re viewing an iOS device you’ll see a brand new MDM command we’ve added with this release: “Clear Passcode”. We have many more capabilities planned for the Security tab and they will be rolling out soon.

Next you’ll see another new tab “Networking”. The first thing you’ll notice  is that “Speed Test” has moved to the new Networking tab, and the “Speed Test” tab is gone. This is part of our effort to simplify where things live in GoLive by putting related items together on the appropriate tab.

In this spirit you will see two new MDM capabilities on the Networking tab. First is the MDM command to toggle Remote Desktop access on Mac. Second is the turn on and off AirPlay Mirroring on devices.

As well as with the Security tab, there will be more capabilities coming to the Networking tab soon too!

To get the full details of this and every release please visit here.

GoLive Gets a Fresh Look (and a Few New Features)

Summer isn’t over yet! In June we announced the first of a number of planned upgrades to your UI, https://www.addigy.com/weve-put-together-a-fresh-ui-look-for-the-summer. Today we are very happy to announce our next big enhancement to our UI. Our next step on this path is with a fresh look and new features in GoLive! Look for these changes early next week.

The first thing you’ll see when you open the new GoLive is the Overview tab now shows all the Device Facts Addigy collects from your fleet along with all your Custom Facts. You can jump to the Filter box and immediately limit the list of facts displayed to those matching your Filter criteria.

Next, we have implemented an often requested feature in Addigy to simplify moving a device from Policy to Policy. You can now do this directly from the GoLive page via a searchable dropdown. You will be able to quickly move a device out of its current Policy into the Policy you have chosen with just a few clicks.

Underneath the device icon, you’ll see the Device status dropdown. From Device status you can Restart, Shutdown, Lock, Erase, and if an iOS device is Supervised, enable Lost Mode. Once in Lost mode you will be able to update the device location,play a sound, or disable Lost Mode.

Throughout the next few releases, you will see more and more MDM Commands added to Golive.

GoLive will feel very much as it did in the past but with a fresh UI. We’ve added additional filtering capabilities on the Deployments, Installed Apps, and the Ports tabs to help you find things more quickly.

More capabilities will be coming soon to GoLive! All of those MDM commands that have appeared in our API over the last several months will begin to appear in GoLive as well! Look for those capabilities soon.

For more information on this and other release, please visit  releases.addigy.com.

Let’s GoLive!

Overview of Current Features

Addigy GoLive has long been a core feature in our platform which provides you a single page to manage a singular device with ease and launch various remote control utilities such as Addigy Live Terminal, ScreenConnect, and Addigy Remote Control. GoLive also provides real-time device information such as Gatekeeper status, FileVault status, IP address, uptime, machine users, installed software, available updates, speed test results, and much more.  GoLive is perfect for fixing one-off issues with an Apple device.

New Look

The GoLive page has received not only cosmetic improvements but speed enhancements, as well. The new macOS GoLive page provides a simple way to see if the macOS device is MDM enrolled. This is particularly helpful because devices on Mojave (10.14) are more reliant on MDM to achieve full functionality since the introduction of PPPC profiles.

Additionally, check out the updated icon for starting GoLive sessions on the Devices page:

Support for iOS

We are really excited to announce a huge enhancement to GoLive: support for iOS devices. Starting now, you can open a GoLive session for any of your managed iOS devices from the Devices page. You will be able to make one-off MDM configuration deployments to an iOS device, view events and alerts related to that device, and trigger Device Lock and Wipe commands—all from one location.

Coming Soon

But wait, there is more! You can expect a fleet of new features to hit the iOS GoLive page in the coming weeks and months. We are working to include third party or enterprise app deployment, lost mode, location tracking, and other cool stuff!


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