Elevate Security, Simplify Compliance

Dive into the future of Apple device management with our exclusive virtual event, now available on-demand. Discover how to elevate your IT strategy and simplify compliance with our top-rated real-time management and security solutions for iOS and macOS devices. This event is a must for anyone looking to scale their security efforts efficiently. Watch the recording today!

Why attend?

Exclusive insights

Hear from Jason Dettbarn, the founder and CEO of Addigy, as he unveils new compliance capabilities that will revolutionize Apple device management.


Expert speakers

Gain valuable knowledge from industry leaders such as Bob Gendler from NIST, Sam Middleton from Bloom & Wild, and Georg Dauterman from Valiant.

Live demonstrations

Experience firsthand the power of Addigy’s extended benchmarks for iOS and enhanced customization capabilities for macOS.

Person in computer screen pointing at the letters DDM.

Interactive Q&A sessions

See how our expert panel speakers answer live questions from the audience and shed light on specific hurdles with compliance.


Jason Dettbarn

Founder & CEO

Ben Greiner

Apple & Growth Advisor

Sam Middleton

Security Officer
Bloom & Wild

Georg Dauterman

Founder & President

Bob Gendler

Security Specialist

When we developed the macOS Security Compliance Project, we had a vision that vendors could just take the library of rule files and implement them into their product. Addigy was able to see that idea, take it, and build on it in a way to really benefit their customers and the Mac community. Addigy built a way for organizations to implement compliance standards from the mSCP on their Mac without having to know yaml or python or touch the terminal.

Bob Gendler

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Event Highlights


Immediate compliance

Discover how to achieve real-time compliance on all macOS and iOS devices with one-click, seamless deployments

No expertise required

Learn how to create and enforce effective security measures without needing deep security or Apple expertise.

Customization & scalability

Explore how Addigy’s flexible architecture can meet any MSP and IT professional’s needs, from the simplest setup to the most complex environments.