About Addigy

We are a dedicated team of people who are extremely passionate about our goal: to build the world’s best platform for easily and securely managing your Macs and iOS devices.

We release new features and updates all the time, and love feedback and input from the Mac Admin community.

Our Story

Addigy’s mission is to elevate the Apple IT ecosystem by providing the industry’s first full-stack, cloud-based management platform.

Before we started Addigy, it was easy to see that the ever-sprawling and complicated on-premise systems offered by legacy software vendors would never be able to deliver what IT teams need in today’s rapidly changing industry.

We knew there was a better way, not by shifting the burden to the customer, but rather by providing a solution that increased user effectiveness and provided valuable outcomes.

Addigy delivers on this vision with a paradigm-shifting, best-in-class platform and culture – by focusing on the very simple, yet long-term principles for customer success:

  • No Contracts: Every software company that sells you a contract or charges you upfront, becomes ever complacent about delivering long-term value while you’re under contract. Organizations that focus on ongoing value and don’t sit on their laurels within contracts typically build better long-term solutions for their customers.
  • On-Boarding & Training: Addigy invests heavily in the training and onboarding experience. We believe that’s the best way to build a long-term customer relationship. Charging customers for the vendor’s responsibility to partner success makes no sense.
  • Reducing your overhead: Most products check the boxes for basic capabilities, but then put the burden on you to build or forklift the content necessary to deliver the services you hoped would be turnkey. Addigy continuously adds and maintains new software and capabilities — content that you would typically be required to create on your own — because we believe it’s all about results.
  • Your time is money: Reducing your time benefits us as well, and we do that by performing diligence/trial, on-boarding, adapting to Apple changes, maintaining an easy-to-deploy software catalog, or supporting a truly real-time platform. Your responsibility should be to your end users rather than to your IT software.
  • Addigy strives everyday to demystify Apple IT Management, and democratize it to all admins and organizations, keeping our mission and culture simple and yet extraordinarily focused on customer success.