Support Policy

Customers have the ability to obtain Addigy support through a self service Knowledge Base solution which is available from the support website 24/7/365 and includes articles covering all common issues addressed by support.

For issues that can’t be resolved using the Knowledge Base, Addigy clients that are not a client of a Managed Service Provider (MSP), may submit a ticket using the Request Support feature under the Support tab in Addigy, or in the case of malfunction, by using the support request form. This option creates a support ticket based on details supplied at the time of submittal. A ticket number is assigned and emailed to the submitter at the time of creation and is required for tracking purposes by the Addigy support team. Addigy will use commercially reasonable efforts based on available staffing to meet the Expected Response Time guidelines published below. The primary mode of communication is electronic via ticket updates that can be viewed from the customers Addigy environment and/or email, referencing the assigned ticket number.

For tickets that can’t be resolved using electronic communications, outbound telephone support is prioritized based on severity (as described below). A ticket must be filed in order to be eligible to receive telephone support. In such cases based on support staff availability, Addigy will telephone customers regarding the highest Severity issues in order to assist with resolution. Addigy can be contacted by phone at 305-330-6677.

A ticket number will be assigned to this issue which will be used as the official reference-id for the incident and must be supplied when reviewing activity and responses generated by the Addigy support team. Failure to supply this information upon request may result in delay of support assistance.

Note: It may be necessary to access the environment in question to expedite diagnosis. Please ensure you have enabled Support Access within your Addigy account.

Support Processes

Support tickets are identified and categorized by Addigy Support depending on the severity and business impact. Support efforts are prioritized on severity and impact, required support level, and technological functionality or third party vendor requirements.

Technical support requests are generally processed on a first-come, first-served basis. When submitting a Support ticket, we request that detailed information is provided (e.g. device names or serial numbers, steps to reproduce, error messages, changes made to the system prior to the issue, etc.).  If you are a client of a Managed Service Provider (MSP), we kindly ask that you reach out to your provider for assistance on Addigy issues. If further help is required, an authorized contact of the provider can reach out to Addigy Support.

Expected Response Times

Support Ticket PriorityInitial Human Response TimeAdditional Human Response Time
Low24 hours24–72 hours
Medium12 hours24 hours
High6 hours12 hours

Note: All times are listed in business hours and do not account for non-business hours.

The goal of support is to provide a resolution to a submitted issue with the first response. There are cases where additional information may be required to isolate a resolution. Response times to these information requests are dependent on the customer. Once a response to an information request is received, the support staff will use commercially reasonable efforts to adhere to the initial response times outlined above.

Additionally there are cases where reported issues require escalation to the development team for further diagnostics. These issues typically require access to the impacted devices and gathering of device logs for review. Response times are dependent on both Addigy and the customer and may take a number of iterations to isolate the root cause of the issue. The support team will use commercially reasonable efforts to mitigate the time required to identify the cause of the issue and provide a resolution. If a program change is required to resolve the issue, an estimate will be provided to the customer of an expected delivery of a fix. It should be noted that the majority of these product updates come in the form of a “hotfix” which is a very isolated update of the code addressing a specific issue. These “hotfixes” do go through a limited QA process and may unintentionally affect other operational aspects of the Addigy system. Development will continue to monitor these “hotfixes” and resolve any unforeseen operational impacts as quickly as possible.

Authorized Contacts

All reports of incidents must be made to Addigy by authorized contact(s). Support will be provided to an agreed reasonable number of authorized contacts. Assigning authorized contacts ensures that only authorized personnel are able to engage Addigy support staff in activities which may necessitate modifications or scheduled downtime of the system. Further, it allows the customer to manage support issues more efficiently by using a centralized approach. Each authorized contact(s) must have sufficient technical expertise, training and/or experience to follow advice and process given by support staff whilst understanding and mitigating any associated risk to system availability / data integrity and will be responsible for all communications with Addigy Support. The customer will promptly notify Addigy in writing or by e-mail of the names, e-mail addresses and direct telephone numbers of its chosen authorized contacts. The customer may substitute Authorized Contact(s) from time to time by giving Addigy prior notice in writing or by e-mail, including the relevant details for any new Authorized Contact.

Additional Terms

Addigy does not provide any support for issues caused by (a) incorporation or appendix of a feature, program or device to the product or any part thereof; (b) any issues caused by accident, neglect, misuse, alteration, modification or enhancement of the product; (c) the failure to provide a suitable installation environment; (d) failure to provide an adequate test environment; (e) use of the product for other than the specific purpose for which the product is designed; (f) use of the product in any operating environment other than one recommended by Addigy for the product. (g) assistance troubleshooting or creating a script that Addigy does not own or have responsibility over. Addigy reserves the right to change or discontinue this Support Policy.