When we started to scroll backwards to review the headlines from January and February of 2020, we can honestly say that […]

Craig Richards | 01/04/2021
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  When most people think about the Apple brand, the iPhone immediately comes to mind, but that’s changing. The tech giant, […]
Why You Need More than MDM to Succeed in 2021
It'll take more than an MDM solution to provide secure IT support to your Apple fleet in 2021. Addigy CEO Jason Dettbarn shares a forecast for the year ahead.
Many businesses and managed service providers leave Apple devices unmanaged. Here’s why that needs to change and how Addigy’s comprehensive MDM solution can help
If your Apple devicement management tool doesn’t support a multi-tenant environment, you’re leaving money on the table. Here’s what MSPs need to know about Addigy’s integrated workflows.
Managed service providers need more than just a traditional mobile device management platform in order to serve their clients’ Apple devices fully.
A new ARM-based Mac will be announced Tuesday, November 10th, and the Apple community is anxiously waiting to see just how high the iconic brand’s engineers raise the bar.
Time is one of the most valuable resources any managed service provider (MSP) has. This is especially true if your business is operated by a smaller team maintaining a large client base. With the right Apple device management tools, you can deliver exceptional service that clients expect, while also creating the bandwidth to take on additional business opportunities. Here are three Apple device management features from Addigy that MSPs can use to drive efficiencies and grow.
Why MSPs need multi tenant mdm solution
Why invest in an Apple device management solution that doesn’t support multi-tenancy? Here’s what you need to know about how Addigy can help your MSP scale.
If you’re a managed service provider (MSP) that comes from a Windows-heavy background, you may feel unsure about answering macOS, iPadOS or iOS related questions on the fly. But it doesn’t have to be this way. As Apple’s market share continues to grow in businesses of all sizes, it may be time for your team to level up its Apple device support knowledge. Here’s a brief intro to Apple device management for MSPs.
Shave Costs and Boost Productivity
It can be a challenge to hit your SLAs on days when multiple clients hit snags at the same time. You have to figure out how many machines are impacted within each organization, come up with a solution and deploy it, all while juggling help desk tickets.
Addigy Community Features for MSPs
Managed service providers (MSPs) that specialize in Apple device management know that Apple enthusiasts love to share their experiences and insights […]
Support Mac and Windows
Like many IT admins, you may have gotten your start in a Windows environment. Maybe you’ve spent some time on Apple […]