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Mac machines aren’t just beautiful – they’re practical tools that enable teams to work quickly and efficiently in an enterprise environment. […]
Apple devices are designed with user privacy in mind. They’re simple to connect within a secure network and optimized for remote […]
If you’re an IT admin who doesn’t specialize in Apple products, there’s a real chance you came to this blog find […]
Whatever the headcount at your office, you’re probably familiar with the stress of putting out fires. But that doesn’t mean you […]
It could happen on any given day: An employee could depart without returning the Mac device they were using to do […]
Many companies face the same ongoing challenge: how to ensure that all of their employees are working on current versions of […]
If your enterprise has a bring your own device (BYOD) policy, it’s important to step back and ask if your IT […]
To kick off 2020, we are continuing our efforts to make Addigy more intuitive and full featured than ever. Later this […]
Three years ago we saw a need for our customers to empower their users with their own management tools and began […]
Whether you’re new to the lingo of cloud-based IT management, or Apple devices are being introduced to your environment for the […]
The week of December 15th, Addigy will be releasing updates to the MDM Restrictions Profile, Custom Software, and Custom Profiles. This […]
Whether you have a mobile device management (MDM) provider today and you’re thinking of migrating to another or you’re considering adopting […]