The Most Powerful Apple Management Platform at the Best Price.

Addigy is the perfect platform for any organization managing a fleet of Apple devices, whether you’re managing 100 devices or 10,000.

What you can expect:

  • No added fees or up-charges for vital features. Everything you see below and more is included
  • Monthly billing or annual billing. The choice is yours!
  • No long-term commitments
  • Industry’s best onboarding and support

A complete set of tools for any fleet. All included.

All of these features and many more are included with your Addigy account.

  • Cloud-based

    No infrastructure or servers to maintain. Always up to date with the latest features.
  • Multi-tenant

    Easily manage multiple organizations from one account.
  • Powerful macOS Agent

    Way beyond simple MDM, Addigy allows you to work with Macs as if you’re sitting at the keyboard.
  • Zero Touch Deployment

    Seamless onboarding of devices out-of-the-box with Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager integration
  • Automatic PPPC Distribution

    Easily deploy software without interrupting your users’ productivity.
  • Real-Time Device Management

    Know the state of every device, at any time.
  • OS Patch Management

    Approve – or block – updates to keep devices up-to-date safely.
  • Software Deployment

    Any software or settings to one or more devices, easily and securely
  • Automated Maintenance

    Automate Addigy to run common tasks on your schedule.
  • Remote Access

    Securely view and control any Mac, anywhere, without end-user interaction with LiveDesktop or launch a remote control session via our exclusive Splashtop integration
  • Self Service

    A native Mac app for your device users featuring approved apps, self-run scripts, support requests, and notifications
  • Identity Management

    Use your existing authentication system to log into the device (supports Okta, Google, AzureAD, and Office365)
  • Third-Party Patch Management

    Keep commonly used third-party applications updated automatically
  • Public Software Catalog

    Access and deploy commonly used third-party applications with just a few clicks
  • Remote LiveTerminal

    Secure command line access to any device, right from your browser
  • Remote Monitoring

    Addigy can watch for anything that falls outside of your security standard
  • Automated Remediation

    Resolve monitoring issues automatically
  • Smart Policies

    Create, configure, deploy and delete policies quickly and easily
  • Remotely Lock or Wipe Devices

    Immediately lock or wipe devices remotely to protect critical data
  • Always-on Compliance

    Enforce security settings to maintain always-on compliance
  • Password Resets

    Automate password resets without the need for a technician
  • FileVault Encryption

    Encrypt macOS devices with FileVault and escrow the keys to prevent unauthorized users from copying data off the drive
  • Device Details & Management Tools

    Know what Apple devices are in your environment and access them with a single-click
  • Reporting

    Access built-in reports or build customized reports to suit your needs
  • The Addigy Community

    Copy and paste open source queries, scripts, monitors, and maintenance tasks created by other Addigy users
  • Third-Party Integrations

    With commonly used enterprise and MSP vendors
  • API, included

    Integrate Addigy with your existing systems
  • Proven Scalability

    Tens to thousands of devices—whatever you need, when you need it

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