Built Secure from the Start

We’ve always taken security and privacy very seriously, which is why we’ve built it into every Addigy feature. We’re here to help you prevent malicious software attacks, and to mitigate damages if there’s ever a crisis.

Security of Addigy’s Web-Based Services

Addigy is a cloud-based platform, and the Addigy Web App is the primary place where our customers interact with it. As such, ensuring that customer accounts, data, and all web traffic is safe and secure, is vital to our success.


Addigy performs routine Vulnerability Testing to ensure the Addigy Cloud Platform security exceeds expectation. All Agent-based communication with the Addigy Cloud Platform is strictly over Secure Socket Layer (443) Protocol which is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Platform and Cloud Vendor Compliance

Addigy requires all leveraged Cloud Platform Vendors to be fully compliant with rigorous industry standards, including SOC 1/2/and 3 Compliance, PCI DSS 3.2 Level 1, FIPS 140-2, and more.

2-Factor Authentication

Addigy provides fully integrated Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) with at no additional charge to all Addigy customers. We strongly encourage the additional level of security that 2FA provides.

Support available

Our team is available to immediately respond to any malicious attacks on our platform to protect our customers’ data.

Securing your Addigy-managed Devices

We take the security of your Apple devices very seriously, and there are several tools available in Addigy to help you do just that. Here are just a few, and of course all of these can be configured at the policy level to help make sure you haven’t left any devices out.

Firewall Management

Enable a firewall on any machine in your portfolio, or add it to a policy to enable on a large group of machines with a few mouse clicks.

Website Blocking

Protect your network and your end-users’ data from phishing and other malware sites.

FileVault Management

Enable and manage a remote Mac's FileVault with Addigy’s FileVault-Manager tool. Even pushing FileVault keys up from the device to the Addigy account.

GateKeeper Management

Ensure that all of your Macs can only install apps from the Mac App Store or from certified developers.

Password Policy Management

Enforce light or strict password policies easily, including password complexity, length, expiration, and lockout techniques.

Catalog Security Software

Our one-click-install catalog includes industry-leading security apps, like WebRoot, AntiMalware, and MBBR by MalwareBytes. Add them to all your policies to maintain a solid baseline of security.

ScreenSaver Password Settings

Manage settings to require password immediately after screensaver is initiated.

Support available

Our team is available to immediately respond to any malicious attacks on our platform to protect our customers’ data.