Training for Apple Device Management using MDM and Addigy

Addigy offers three training programs to teach you everything you need to know about managing Apple devices in today’s workforce.

Addigy Academy Basics

Self-Run Basics covered:

  • Introduction to Addigy
  • The Apple Ecosystem
  • MDM Basics

Addigy Certified Associate

1 day, hosted by Addigy
1-hour test
1-year certification

  • Addigy MDM
  • Management Best Practices
  • Policies & Device Control
  • Deployments & Patching

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Addigy Certified Expert

2 days, hosted by Addigy
2-hour test
1-year certification

Deeper into ACA topics, plus:

  • Addigy Identity
  • Advanced Scripting
  • Security & Monitoring
  • Managing OS Releases
  • Apple Business Manager

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ACE Recert

1 day, hosted by Addigy
2-hour test
1-year certification

Valid for recently expired Addigy Certified Expert Certification

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Welcome ACN Members!

Getting Certified with Addigy will level up your expertise and make you and your team qualify for a higher level of customers who are already looking for experts they can trust with their Apple devices. Addigy Certifications are good for business.

Our ACA and ACE training will satisfy Apple Consultant Network’s requirements for MDM Management.

Addigy Academy Basics (AAB)

Our entry level, self-paced course consists of four online modules found in Addigy Academy. The material is focused on those new to Addigy and the Apple ecosystem.

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Addigy Certified Associate (ACA)

Our intermediate course consists of one full day of instruction (in-person or remote) on the fundamentals of Apple device management using Addigy. Certification is valid for 1 year.

Overview and upcoming dates

Addigy Certified Expert (ACE)

Two full days of instruction (remote or in-person) for users that want to dig deeper into the Apple ecosystem and device management. Certification is valid for 2 years.

Overview and upcoming dates

Influential is our certified training partner based in the UK, offering ACA and ACE courses.
To learn more visit:

Upcoming dates for UK:

Jeff Gaines

We are able to tap into economies of scale and optimize common tasks for all clients environments, like software deployment, OS patching and restrictions, scripting and automation and templatizing policies. We estimate this will reduce the time our team dedicates to MDM management by at least 30% each week, creating happier team members and allowing us to more effectively secure our managed endpoints.

Joe Saponare

The system update mechanism has been a night and day difference. I don’t even think about that anymore.

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