Manage Apps Across All Apple Devices

IT administrators know that proper mobile device inventory management should be comprehensive and proactive.

Not only does strong app management mean knowing what users have on which devices, but it also means controlling what goes on a device. App management can be a potential pain point for enterprises that want to grow quickly and scale efficiently.

The good news—a new (and better) way to manage apps is here. As a tailored Apple device management tool, Addigy helps IT administrators install, deploy, and manage apps across all Apple devices in an environment.

Strengthen security and improve user experience with one seamless mobile device management platform.

Managed Apps vs. Self-Installed Apps

When a device is enrolled in MDM with Addigy, the IT admin has more control over app distribution, removal, and updates because these are managed apps. When an individual downloads their own applications outside MDM boundaries, the IT admin doesn’t have control and won’t even know which apps are on the device.

Self-installed apps may have their rightful place on personal devices. Still, IT admins understandably want and need more secure control over the applications that team members use within the corporate environment.

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Improve Your App Security 

If you’ve ever wanted to improve your environment’s cybersecurity, Addigy also offers the tools to identify which Apple devices and potential threats exist within an environment. With this data available, you can quickly address problems before they spiral into more significant issues. 

App management and security can include important aspects of responsible app management. In typical managed environments, this looks like:

  • Apps staying updated and patched in ways that prevent obvious security concerns
  • Encouraging the responsible usage and sharing of sensitive information while providing IT teams with more control and oversight 
  • Partitioning user data away from company data to protect sensitive information or digital assets

No matter what’s happening on the device, you’ll always be able to detect irregularities, have real-time knowledge of the software installed on each device, and see which users can access specific apps or programs at a given time.

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