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The shifting demands of education require a cloud platform that can help you manage the change at scale.  Let us help your institution thrive in whatever is required.

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Simple device deployment and a secure environment

K-12 or higher education student, staff, and faculty device enrollment has never been quicker. With Automated Device Enrollment and mobile device management (MDM), you can deploy macOS, iOS, iPadOS, or tvOS devices in your classroom, school, or district with confidence. And if you’re inheriting devices, Addigy pairs seamlessly with Apple Configurator.

With Addigy’s platform, your ability to access real-time visibility into these devices will provide the foundation to processes that keep your environment secure.

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Support end users without restriction

Provide support to your users the day Apple ships a new operating system. Empower your end users and their teams or classrooms with ease, all remotely.

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Check out content you need, without a library card

With inventory purchased through Apps, you can deploy and transfer licenses, monitor usage, and access a unified listing of your purchase history.

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Device Enrollment and Deployment

Rely on your network being secure because devices are configured, deployed, patched, and maintained the way you choose.

Inventory and Visibility

Get visibility into all devices for a secure environment with ease, and build on this foundation for a secure network.

Monitoring and Remediation

Prioritize items before they’re fires and use saved time to handle the strategy items that move your organization forward.

Addigy Guarantees Your Apple Success

How? Let us show you:

  • Real-time monitoring and management of all your Apple devices.
  • Secure user onboarding, fully automated. Deploy a new Mac in less than 5 minutes.
  • Custom compliance support to enforce policies for both groups and individual devices.
  • Easy software updates. Report, configure, and deploy all OS and third-party software updates.
  • Instant remote access to macOS devices for fast troubleshooting and issue resolution.

Everything your team needs for optimal Apple management—and nothing you don’t.

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