A Platform Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Love When Managing Apple Devices

Addigy provides you with a straightforward way of managing Apple devices in multiple environments. On one platform, provide IT support to your customers who choose Apple devices and expect the privacy and security you can deliver.

  • Our multi-tenant structure makes configuring and managing multiple environments a breeze
  • Addigy’s mobile device management (MDM) capabilities allow for simple device deployments and easy ongoing Apple device management
  • Scale your business easily with Addigy and support your customers on the devices they want

See how Addigy can work for your MSP

Customized care and flexible environment configurations

Addigy allows you to enroll and deploy devices to your customers based on the branding and settings they expect, right out of the box. Meet your customers’ support needs while improving your operational efficiencies with our straight-forward set-up designed for multiple environments.

Get visibility into your environments and improve security

Keep Apple devices secure with Addigy. Quickly see what Apple devices (and potential threats) are in all your environments and quickly address them. With inventory demystified in our multi-tenant structure, you can resolve security priorities alongside other tasks that impact your daily processes. 

A comprehensive platform designed for your business

Give your customers with Apple devices the support they have come to expect. Our platform provides the ability to take advantage of Apple services and programs with the combination of our MDM solution and agent while also being more than just a standalone device management system. With Addigy, you can leverage patch management, enterprise mobility, remote monitoring and management, and unified endpoint management capabilities, all with a single console view.

Device Enrollment and Deployment

Rely on your network being secure because devices are configured, deployed, patched, and maintained the way you choose.

Inventory and Visibility

Get visibility into all devices for a secure environment with ease, and build on this foundation for a secure network.

Monitoring and Remediation

Prioritize items before they’re fires and use saved time to handle the strategy items that move your organization forward.

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