The only multi-tenant MDM solution on the planet

Addigy is loaded with tools to help MSPs build their business and support their Mac clients, and that’s by design. Our regular updates and new features are closely attuned to the needs of the MacSysAdmin community.

Policies & Configuration

Customize your accounts and access, incorporate your identity access provider.

Custom Facts & Scripts

Query device information and automate remediation workflows.

Inventory & Reporting

Monitor device and application data, create dashboards and send automated reports.

Security & Compliance

We require the highest level of security certifications and standards in all of our work.

Flexible policy configurations and customized care

Customize the look and feel of the Dock, Menu Bar, and application folders with Addigy’s Self Service. Tailor prompts via policies or launch updates behind the scenes, and get notified instantly when updates are available.

Manage all of your clients from a single console

Addigy has all of the Apple device management features you’ve come to expect out of your MDM provider, plus a single console view.