Identify and resolve potential issues before they result in downtime.

Addigy’s powerful automated monitoring infrastructure gives you advanced warning when problems may occur, along with remediation tools to solve them for you. Addigy is your all-day-and-all-night junior IT tech.

Performance and security monitoring

Use Addigy to monitor for security problems, device performance issues, or anything else that might reduce end users’ productivity. Recommended monitoring is ready to deploy with a couple of clicks, and custom monitors can be created easily.

Automated remediation

Any monitoring trigger can include a remediation option to fix problems automatically as soon as they occur, resulting in less downtime and  greatly reduces the time and attention needed for simple IT tasks.

Ticketing system integration

When an alert is triggered, Addigy will create a ticket in your platform of choice, to seamlessly fit into your existing team workflow. Plus, if an issue is resolved using automation, Addigy will also close the ticket, so you have a full paper trail.

Help desk management

Track your support tickets and measure how responsive your team is in resolving them.

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