Schedule and Deploy System Updates in Minutes

Addigy makes it simple to take control of OS updates throughout Apple’s year-round OS release cycle. We work closely with our community of administrators from all types of teams to provide the most comprehensive tools to manage any major or minor update.

Schedule and Deploy System Updates in Minutes

One-time setup for update preferences

Addigy gives you full and automated control over which devices to update, when to perform them, and which OS versions to allow.

Handling Apple’s OS Release Cycle

Ready on Day 1

Once Apple announces early beta test versions, the Addigy team begins testing it on every device to ensure all end-user devices continue to work. We ensure admins have the tools and knowledge they need to securely upgrade devices when they choose.

Block untested updates

Before each public OS release, Addigy is ready with tools to prevent installation until you’ve given the green light. All blockers are thoroughly tested by our support team and admin community.

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