Apple Device Management Platform

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Automatic and reliable Apple device management for busy admin and busy end users.


Addigy is a full-featured management platform for your Macs, iPhones, and iPads.

Automation and speed are built into all of our features, because productivity and security should be immediate, continuous, and easy.


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Addigy has been near bulletproof for us which is not something I can say we ever experienced with any other management product in my history working with Apple products.  Keep bringing new ideas and listening to your customer base.

Alan Teel - DataXstream

We are able to tap into economies of scale and optimize common tasks for all clients environments, like software deployment, OS patching and restrictions, scripting and automation and templatizing policies. We estimate this will reduce the time our team dedicates to MDM management by at least 30% each week, creating happier team members and allowing us to more effectively secure our managed endpoints.

Jeff Gaines -

Addigy has allowed me to do more with less… I didn’t have to hire more people just because I took on more clients. Being able to do something once and push it down a hierarchy has pretty awesome power.

Zvon Petric - Campfire

It was the right solution for us to do what we need to do and at the right price point.

Ryan Loughran - Valiant

We don’t lock you into contracts, because we don’t have to. We’re dedicated to helping admins secure and scale their Apple fleets. We grow when you grow.

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