A distributed environment introduces unique challenges for the modern Apple IT administrator. One of these challenges is finding efficient ways to ensure that new machines are properly configured, secured, and fully managed without the traditional manual set-up process. Addigy’s Truly Touchless Deployment solution allows IT administrators to accomplish this task quickly and at scale. Many vendors are tackling this problem head-on, but what separates Addigy’s solution from the rest are industry-first features including Spoof-Proof Deployment™, fastest setup in the market, and pre-encrypted disk configuration.

Spoof-Proof Deployment™

So you’ve deployed all these machines using Apple Business Manager or legacy DEP to your users in the field. They’ve got a new fully provisioned & managed Apple device, the end-user is happy, and your RMM has everything running smoothly on the back-end. However, unknowingly, you’ve just introduced a new vulnerability into your organizational network and may have given malicious actors access to sensitive company information. Since DEP does a simple check against a device’s serial number to assign an MDM server, hackers can spoof a device’s serial number from your organization (via a virtual machine or other methods) and provision the dummy device as a corporate-owned asset. So you’ve just provisioned a hackers’ device with everything they need to be successful…in hacking your network.

Fortunately for Mac Admins everywhere, Addigy has got you covered. Our industry-first solution addresses this little-known, yet wide-spread, vulnerability by ensuring that the end-user authenticates via Active Directory or Okta before any sensitive information gets pushed down to that machine.

“…pushing down a minimal enrollment profile, and then only pushing down sensitive profiles after you do a stronger authentication, should be a clear best practice.”
–Jack Madden, Executive Editor, BrianMadden.com • TechTarget

You can check out Jack Madden’s full review of our Spoof-Proof Deployment.

Near-instant MacOS Deployment

Not only is our integration with truly touchless process secure, but it is FAST! Clocking in just under six minutes, we will have your brand new Apple device fully enrolled and ready for use in the time it takes you to get a cup of coffee. Our unique integration with Apple Business Manager and the legacy Device Enrollment Program provides a seamless device setup experience. End-users are up and running with no extra work required and there are no confusing blank screens during the process.

Watch the video below to see how we go from unboxing a new Mac to being ready for work in just a few clicks.



Everything is loaded and ready once our MacOS enrollment is complete, the end-user now has a fully deployed, brand new Apple device that’s ready to use with no other enrollment downtime. And with pre-authentication FileVault encryption, you can be sure that that device is fully protected even before the end-user has logged in. We make Mac device deployment a cinch.

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