Manage Apple Devices in a Straight-Forward Way

Manage Apple devices based on your workflows so you know every user can remain productive. Our robust yet flexible platform allows you to:

  • Configure, deploy, patch, and maintain all Apple devices the way you choose
  • Deliver seamless support to ensure a secure environment
  • Provide your end users with the privacy they expect

See how Addigy manages devices in less than 2 minutes

Support all Apple devices on one platform

Our comprehensive device management system combines a mobile device management (MDM) solution with our powerful device agent which creates efficiencies with device enrollment and deployment.

Easily provide users the privacy they expect on their devices while keeping data and your environment secure.

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Support your end users the moment they have devices in-hand

When your end-users power up their device for the first time, they’ll get the settings and provisioning based on the configuration of your choosing with minimal device deployment time.

With Addigy, you can trust that your users have the policies they need from the start and therefore maintain business compliance.

Secure, simple, and reliable device enrollment

Enroll settings and software to macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS devices quickly without disrupting the end user. With multiple device enrollment options to choose from, including Automated Device Enrollment to a way to capture BYOD devices, you have the flexibility on how to proactively keep your users up-to-date.

A smarter way to manage Apple devices

Addigy makes it possible to configure your environment in just a few clicks based on your business model. This quick, logical setup allows you to bring inheritance and implied control to your devices with a simple view.

Empower your end users to do great work

Support your end users to do their best work without device management slowing them down. When you can achieve this and rely on your fleet of devices being secure, you’re taking steps in eliminating risk to your business and protecting your organization from potential threats.

Rely on your network being secure because devices are configured, deployed, patched, and maintained the way you choose. Your end users will appreciate the seamless support they’ll receive alongside the privacy they’ll expect.