Streamline Apple Device Enrollment

Simplifying the employee onboarding process begins with zero touch provisioning from Addigy. Zero touch provisioning allows you to automatically configure new Apple devices without making physical contact. Even better, enterprise-sized operations can deploy a whole fleet of iPhones and Mac computers simultaneously. Automated device enrollment makes connecting employees with secure devices easier than ever before.

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Integrate Addigy with Important Platforms  

Addidy’s integration with Apple Business Manager enables automated device enrollment, while Addigy Identity simplifies onboarding by allowing users seamless authentication through the integrated platforms Azure AD, Office 365, Okta, and Google IDP. 

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Manage Apple Devices from One Location 

Addigy was designed to strike the perfect balance between convenience and security for comprehensive device management. Our robust MDM software is combined with a powerful device agent to create even more efficiencies with Apple device enrollment, deployment and ongoing management.

Addigy provides end-users the security they need to do their job while also ensuring your network runs smoothly and quickly.

Easily Onboard New Users

With Addigy’s Apple device enrollment program, you can ensure that new team members automatically have the proper device settings and configurations out of the box. When they power up their devices for the first time, employees don’t have to waste any time downloading apps. 

Through zero touch deployment with Addigy, you can trust that new employees have the settings and policies in place to remain compliant at all times. This will save you on the manual work of onboarding new team members and decrease the chances for compliance infractions within the network. 

MDM Boosts Productivity

Simple Device Enrollment & Software Updates 

Addigy MDM gives you total control over Apple device enrollment and software updates. With our robust system, you can deploy settings and software to macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS devices without disrupting end users. 

To account for the rapidly changing needs of businesses, Addigy offers multiple device enrollment options. In fact, Addigy can support a wide variety of Apple device management needs— from automated device enrollment to support for BYOD (bring your own device). 

No matter the size and scope of your Apple device network, Addigy will proactively keep end-users up-to-date and secure.

The Smart and Efficient Way to Manage Apple Devices 

With Addigy, you can configure your Apple device ecosystem with just a few clicks based on your business model. Addigy’s simple view allows you to bring inheritance and implied control to your Apple devices. 

Give People the Tools to Succeed 

Addigy’s zero touch provisioning isn’t just good for your organization; it also improves the end-user experience. Addigy MDM provides a reliable way to support team members without their mobile devices slowing them down. 

With your MDM protocols streamlined, you can trust that your devices are secure and working at peak capacity. And with top-performing technology in your arsenal, your team has the tools they need to succeed. Addigy helps eliminate risks for your business and protects your network from potential cybersecurity threats.

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Addigy MDM ensures that your network is secure and that your devices are correctly configured, deployed, patched, and maintained.

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