A Robust Platform For Apple in the Enterprise

With Addigy, you can leverage Automated Device Enrollment in Apple Business Manager as well as mobile device management (MDM) for a smoother workflow experience that keeps your workforce productive.

  • Our comprehensive IT platform generates operational efficiencies for your team
  • Keep your end users productive by leveraging Apple’s built-in features within Addigy
  • Addigy complements your IT goals and tech stack, and can reduce the amount of solutions you need to support your end users

See how Addigy can work for your enterprise

See what’s on your network and improve your environment’s security

Know what Apple devices (and potential threats) are in your environment and quickly address them. With inventory demystified, you can resolve security priorities alongside other tasks that impact your daily processes.

Support users without restriction

Provide support to your users the day Apple ships a new operating system. Empower your remote employees with ease.

Your team wants to work on a Mac

Employee choice is quickly becoming the business norm. Whether you’re provisioning company-owned devices or supporting BYOD, a harmonious enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution is vital to keeping your business operations and compliance in tip-top shape.

Device Enrollment and Deployment

Rely on your network being secure because devices are configured, deployed, patched, and maintained the way you choose.

Inventory and Visibility

Get visibility into all devices for a secure environment with ease, and build on this foundation for a secure network.

Monitoring and Remediation

Prioritize items before they’re fires and use saved time to handle the strategy items that move your organization forward.

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