Automated Software Deployment for All Your Favorite Apps

Addigy provides several ways to manage software deployment, whether it’s popular apps, custom PKGs, or Apps & Books.

Ready-to-deploy popular apps

Addigy maintains the latest versions of dozens of popular apps like Slack, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Reader that you can use immediately, saving you the work of building and uploading those apps on your own. We’ll even let you know when a new version is available.

Upload and distribute custom apps

You can manage your company-specific software with Addigy, deploying them to any device in your organization — even as part of the Mac setup process for new employees.

Let end users install at their convenience

For a more frictionless approach, you can instead select which app is approved for installation and Addigy’s Self Service app will display the full selection to the end user so they can install at their convenience.

More about the Self Service app

Fully integrated with Apps & Books

Addigy is fully integrated with Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager. Manage your Apps & Books assets and licenses within Addigy, and deploy them alongside custom apps.

More about Addigy and Apple Business Manager

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