How an MDM Solution Can Work for You: An Example from the Field

Case Study

PopSockets is having a moment. Job listings on their website note that their company was listed as Inc. 5000’s second fastest growing company in the US in 2018 and a 71,424 percent increase in sales over the last three years.

Today, this Colorado-based company has over 300 employees between desks in Boulder, San Francisco, Shanghai, Japan, and Finland.

So, how does their IT department make it work?

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How a New IT Leadership Brought Improved Technology

Tucker Smith, PopSockets’ IT Systems and Networks Manager, joined the team last year. When asked when he knew he wanted to deploy a mobile device management solution, he cites his start date. “March 14, 2019. My first day here.”

Smith was excited to work in an organization where Mac and PC computers shared the territory. But he saw room for improvement in the IT department.

“When I walked in, we were in the middle of a domain migration. The team at the time had limited Mac experience and was struggling with migrating the Macs from one domain to the other. There were no centralized management tools and there was no OS continuity.”

How PopSockets Chose a Mobile Device Management Solution

Smith knew from experience that a mobile device management software solution could transform his IT operation. They comparison-shopped solutions and landed on Addigy.

Smith cites three factors that set Addigy apart:

  1. Multi-tenancy. “Even though we’re not a managed services provider (MSP), we’re multi-location, so that was really important to us.”
  2. Cost. “In a dollar for dollar comparison for set-up, you can’t beat Addigy.”
  3. Development and community. “The Addigy team is dedicated to continual improvement. With Addigy, I have a voice and I’m part of the conversation.”

With a 50-50 split of Windows and Mac computers in the environment, they were struggling to keep up with end users’ IT needs for both operating systems.

“I’m like a fish in water on a Mac device, but we have two techs who are not Mac people. With Addigy, they are able to deploy, manage, and maintain Mac computers with ease. It’s very intuitive.”

— Tucker Smith, Manager – IT Systems and Networks, PopSockets

What does he like best about using Addigy?

  • “With Addigy, my machines are all updated. I can do it from one console. I spend very little time supporting day-to-day Mac users’ needs anymore – just a once-a-week checking through the Addigy platform.
  • “Addigy does a really good job of keeping me informed on the landscape for MDM.”

“Addigy is a game-changer when it comes to managing the Mac environment. It’s flexible. It’s very powerful. It puts the keys in my hands to drive my Apple environment.”

— Tucker Smith, Manager – IT Systems and Networks, PopSockets