Use Addigy Identity for Automated MDM User Provisioning

Addigy Identity

To maximize the productivity of employees, you must give them convenient and secure access to their Apple devices. With Addigy Identity, you get out-of-the-box macOS device management and user creation in under 5 minutes based on your SSO provider. 

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Zero Touch Deployment

With zero-touch deployment, an IT administrator can set up a fully secure experience for new employees and devices. Not only does zero-touch deployment ensure that relevant apps and software are pre-installed, but Addigy also uploads users’  security credentials.  

Zero-touch deployment allows users to log in to their macOS devices with familiar and secure Identity provider credentials and MFA. Even more, zero-touch deployment automates Mac password manager resets without the need for a technician. 

Addigy Identity supports Okta, Google, AzureAD, and O365.

User-Based Device Management

User-based device management is an access control measure that secures devices and software at the individual level. 

With Addigy Identity, users are able to sign on to a single account using their organization’s already established identity provider (IDP) credentials. Next, Addigy Identity automatically generates the local user account on all Apple devices, while also syncing important data.

Apple SSO Authentication 

Addigy’s user device management platform offers convenient single sign-on (SSO) access for users.

With Apple SSO authentication, users are able to securely authenticate across multiple applications with a single set of credentials. Addigy’s SSO capabilities help team members spend less time with password manager on Mac and more time getting work done.

Secure Password Resets

With Addigy Identity, your IT administrator has total control over important password resets. With this tool, you can keep your network secure with Mac password manager best practices. 

Anytime a user updates a password, Addigy Identity recognizes it and prompts the user to enter a new password that complies with your security policies. With this convenient system, no additional action is needed from you to maintain the highest level of security.

Sync IDP with Existing Local Mac User Accounts

It’s easy to sync Addigy Identity with existing local Mac user accounts. As such, you can keep employees productive at all times, even with remote work and BYOD practices. 

With Addigy Identity, users can log in to their macOS devices with familiar and secure identity provider credentials and MFA. Because Addigy is fully customizable, they’ll also see your corporate or IT service provider branding.

Convenient and Secure Login for Apple Users 

Addigy Identity supports macOS login with Okta, Google, AzureAD, or O365 with MFA at no additional charge. To get the most out of your managed workforce while also keeping security the highest priority, trust Addigy for managing your Apple devices.

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