User-Based Device Management

Make decisions about device settings based on the user’s role and permissions within the organization instead of anonymous device information.

Zero Touch Deployment

Ensure that critical apps and software are pre-installed, even on brand new devices, without logging into Addigy every time.

Single Sign-On. Simple.

Identity allows users to log in to their Macs with familiar and secure Identity provider credentials. Employees don’t need separate log ins for the network and for their Mac. Addigy event handles password changes seamlessly.

User Convenience = Productivity 

Besides the huge security benefits, allowing single sign-on (SSO) access for your end-users means that they spend less time  juggling passwords and more time getting work done.

Sync IDP with Local User Accounts

Get total control over important password resets in keeping with security best practices. Addigy recognizes when a password has been changed and prompt the user to re-authenticate. No additional action is needed from you.

Customized for Your Organization

Add extra authentication or messaging to the initial device setup process to reinforce IT policies, provide legal information, or other organization needs.

Addigy Identity is Included

Addigy Identity supports Okta, Google, AzureAD, O365, or any other SAML provider – with MFA – at no additional charge

Conditional Access

Allowing access to your network resources requires knowledge about which user is currently using the device. Addigy’s leading integration with Microsoft’s Intune means that Identity can help you ensure that only approved users and devices are allowed access.

User-based management

When connected to an IdP, Identity allows a powerful way to manage devices using a user-centric approach that can improve compliance management and simplifying workflows.

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