Streamline IT Operations with Apple Business Manager and Addigy

To keep your teams as productive as possible, you must give them all the tools needed for success. Oftentimes, the process of purchasing apps and distributing content from Apple can be cumbersome, but it doesn’t have to be.

With Apple Business Manager, you can purchase licenses for apps and books in bulk, then distribute them to your end users as needed. Even more, Apple Business Manager features automated device enrollment, which greatly streamlines the rollout of MDM protocols to your managed devices.

Addigy MDM software fully integrates with Apple Business Manager. With this robust combination, you can keep your team productive without wasting unnecessary time on administrative tasks. From increased control over licenses to leaner operating, there are many benefits of Apple Business Manager.

What is Apple Business Manager? 

What is Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager is a web-based portal that allows IT administrators to leverage the built-in framework for MDM inside iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS devices. Apple Business Manager simplifies device deployment through automation and makes it easy to purchase apps, distribute content, and create Managed Apple IDs for end users.

After a business has enrolled its devices in Apple Business Manager, they can be deployed to end users without ever being handled by an IT admin. End users receive devices that are properly configured and secure straight out of the box with preferred settings enforced and the correct software pre-installed.  

App and book licenses can also be purchased in bulk and assigned to specific devices via serial number. With this platform, businesses have more control over their Apple licenses, including the ability to reassign them to team members as needed. Similarly, employees can install Apple apps without having to purchase them through the app store. 

What Can I Do With Apple Business Manager?  

By eliminating the need to purchase and distribute licenses individually for every employee, Apple Business Manager makes it easier to expand operations and grow the workforce. Simply purchase licenses in bulk and assign them to users as needed.

Simplified Setup Process

With Apple Business Manager, you can streamline the device setup process so your employees don’t have to worry about it. With Setup Assistant, you ensure that team members have the correct configurations in place before activation. Even better, you can deploy Apple licenses and set up MDM without needing to make physical contact with devices.

Managed Apple IDs

With Apple Business Manager, you provide team members with Apple IDs to use on their devices, which are controlled by the organization. If an employee leaves the business, you can recover the Apple ID and reassign it to another team member. As such, you always get the most out of each Apple ID by being able to delegate roles, set permissions, and give access to company accounts.

Licenses for Different Locations

With the Location feature, you can assign bulk Apple licenses to different locations of your business. In turn, each individual branch of your business has its own group of Apple licenses to distribute among team members. In the end, the location feature gives your operation more precise control over license allocation.

Distribute Content Effortlessly

Apple Business Manager gives you the ability to purchase content in bulk and easily distribute it to different users. No matter if people use iPhones, iPads, or Macs, you can share licenses between locations and give people access to apps and books. Moving forward, you can keep track of what content has been assigned to different users. 

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There are many benefits of Apple Business Manager. Not only does it eliminate extra administrative work, but Apple Business Manager also gives you more control over licenses and content. 

Learn more about Apple Business Manager. If you aren’t already registered, it’s easy to apply for an account as an IT administrator. For those managing multiple clients, Apple requires each individual business to apply and register for its own account to verify its legitimacy.

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