Addigy Community Features for MSPs

3 Advantages of the Addigy Community for Managed Service Providers

Managed service providers (MSPs) that specialize in Apple device management know that Apple enthusiasts love to share their experiences and insights into new processes with their peers.

Similarly, the Addigy Community plays an important role in providing MSP admins the right tools to manage the Apple devices in their environment at scale.

The Addigy Community is an arena of open source queries and scripts that Addigy users can leverage to create powerful monitoring and remediation workflows. A managed third-party app catalog offers MSPs an array of custom solutions that can enhance their client servicing capabilities. The Community makes it possible for IT admins to network and grow the shared knowledge base.

Here are three advantages the Addigy Community offers managed service providers.

1. An Extensive Library of Tools for Managing Apple Devices

Two of the most common Apple device management tools we offer Addigy admins are device facts and scripts. Let’s dig deeper into what each of these two items are.

A device fact is a specific piece of information about the devices in your environment, such as disk storage information, T2 Security Chip inventory count, or OS version. A custom device fact is the command that queries that information. Among Addigy admins, the most popular custom device facts include:

  • Approved MDM
  • Wi-Fi SID
  • Has T2

With the information gathered from these device facts, admins can establish alerts to create custom workflows that trigger specific scripts. These scripts then allow admins to manage and remediate their dynamic inventories, proactively.

While scripting isn’t required to manage Apple devices on Addigy, many MSPs may find scripts useful for applying fixes across client environments and updating multiple devices at the same time. Some of the most popular scripts in the Addigy community include:

  • Browser updates (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  • Enable Gatekeeper
  • Command Control Power

Addigy admins can find an entire collection of both custom device facts and scripts in the Addigy Community, and we’ve designed the Community like an app store to make it easy to navigate. No need to follow extensive threads or copy and paste several lines of code. Instead, admins can simply search for what they need, check ratings and reviews, and run the tools they want with the click of a few buttons.

Every device fact and script in the Community is vetted by Addigy for quality, so admins can be assured what they see is both valid and safe for use.

In a short visit to the Addigy Community, admins can find a wide range of solutions fitted to their exact needs, saving them from having to write scripts from scratch or spend time scouring the internet for answers.

2. An Environment Designed for Collaboration

Many Apple device management solutions offer IT admins a blank slate to create whatever custom scripts or programs they want. But admins may find it easier to employ scripts others have already created or cooperate with others to make improvements on existing solutions.

The Addigy Community allows for both. Admins can instantly run scripts they find or customize an existing piece of code to fit their device management needs.

Admins can also submit their own creations if they can’t find a specific fix and they believe their solution could be helpful for the rest of the community. Once reviewed by Addigy, the submitted script or device fact can be viewed by other admins who can then rate and comment on its contents.

Through the process of giving and receiving feedback from the Addigy Community, IT admins may discover new ideas to make their scripts and those of others, better. The Addigy platform is designed to support collaboration and can help managed service providers find new solutions that let them work more proactively for their clients.

3. A Community that Responds Quickly

When new issues appear on third-party macOS software, admins can turn to the Addigy Community for help.

When Zoom had major webcam vulnerabilities a few months ago, the community was able to put out a patch within a few hours, before Zoom and RingCentral released their own fixes.

Knowing that there’s a group of experienced admins who have your back not only provides peace-of-mind for you and your team, but also ensures that your clients’ day-to-day is more safe and secure (although, they may not know it).

In addition to releasing fixes for timely issues, Addigy regularly provides updates on popular third-party macOS software such as Google Chrome, Dropbox, and Zoom. Again, any package found in the public software catalog is thoroughly tested and checked by the Addigy team to ensure our users aren’t installing a broken package.

The Addigy Community Helps MSPs Automate for the Win

In the Addigy community, managed service providers get access to a compilation of helpful resources and insight from like-minded MSPs in the Apple device management space.

With access to this library, managed service providers can redirect the time and resources spent developing in-house fixes toward offering better, more effective service for their clients. If you’re interested in a demo or want to learn more about what Addigy can do for you, contact our team today!


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