5 Ways MSPs Can Boost Revenue Growth: Going Beyond Traditional IT Services

MSPs looking to boost their revenue streams in 2021 don’t have to look far. While providing traditional IT services is essential to staying afloat, taking advantage of the opportunities presented by Apple (and its devices) are key to an MSP’s survival in today’s ever-changing work environment. 

Without a doubt, Apple has been making more noise than usual. For example, the tech giant had its best quarter ever in Q2 2020. Not only that, but the company remains a top three PC vendor for enterprises, despite the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. But Apple’s continued growth shouldn’t be much of a surprise to IT professionals, even though they’ve neglected the tech giant in the past.

Now’s the time for MSPs to manage all the devices in their ecosystems. Accommodating Apple device users and expanding your Apple device support can help you with tapping new business opportunities. 

Here are five ways this can help boost your revenue.

Provide additional support through professional services

Your clients certainly have complex IT infrastructures, which means you as a trusted IT consultant can add plenty of value by offering additional professional services, in addition to the bread and butter IT support your clients need, of course. 

For instance, you’re well positioned to help with billing or project management. Thanks to your Apple device management tools you have as an Apple device administrator, you have a high-level view into a client’s organization that they can only sketch out on whiteboards or draw into a flow chart.

This visibility makes you a great resource for your clients — and it can be a great asset for MSP revenue growth.

Leverage Apple device management tools to enhance your client’s Apple device security

With the right tools in place to manage Apple devices, you can ensure that clients have uniform and secure support for all the Apple devices in their environment.

For instance, Addigy Identity simplifies users authentication and onboarding. With Addigy Identity, end users can use the same authentication they use across your client’s environment on their macOS systems as well. No extra configuration on the Identity Provider side is necessary.

Additionally, whether you manage them or not, there are already Apple devices in your clients’ environments, and without proper management, the data on these devices may be leaving your company vulnerable to outside threats.

With Apple Device Management, you can offer additional application integrations and manage antivirus and anti-malware integrations to ensure they’re installed and working on all devices. To grow your revenue streams, you may also be able to offer add-on services, such as penetration testing and breach identification services, can help you boost your revenue without adding on extra systems for your consultants to master.

Complete visibility into client networks to ensure they’re secure and keep track of inventory

When you gain complete visibility into client networks, you can clearly see what’s on them, instead of wasting valuable time searching for devices, which increases your labor costs, and improve security wherever you need to, including quickly resolving security priorities .

Having complete visibility into client networks also allows you to assist clients with budgeting inventory costs. For example, Addigy’s platform enables you to monitor hiring trends, which allows you to get a better feel of potential increases in software and hardware costs when onboarding devices. Clients will turn to you more often when they realize you can save them money in the long term.

Scaling with automated monitoring and remediation

Automation saves MSPs time, money and resources. It also allow MSPs to proactively manage upgrades and updates; address security risks and potential threats in client environments; and generate operational efficiencies, as long as it’s paired with the right solution. 

For instance, Addigy’s comprehensive IT platform, which includes Apple MDM, patch management, enterprise mobility, remote monitoring and management, and unified endpoint management, delivers a clear picture of client infrastructures and the devices clients are using. This enables MSPs to be more proactive with the way they manage and monitor client devices and infrastructures. Addigy’s platform automatically notifies them if something needs immediate remediation. 

Automation also enable MSPs to scale. For example, Addigy’s comprehensive IT platform, designed for Apple devices, eliminates redundant tasks for MSPs committed to scaling. If MSPs are too busy sweating the small stuff, they can’t handle bigger strategy items.  

The key to generating revenue

If you’re leading an MSP that doesn’t provide device management solutions that are tailored to this growing segment of the workforce, you’re missing on a major revenue generator. And worse — you’re not providing adequate support for the Apple devices that are surely already in your network.

By boosting the efficiency of your Apple device management services, you can save money by simply optimizing your IT team’s workflows and enabling more of your team to service more Apple devices.

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