Addigy - Autotask Integration Enhancements

Addigy-Autotask Integration: New Updates Aim to Streamline IT Workflows

We’re thrilled to unveil the latest upgrades to our Addigy –  Autotask integration. With the help of Addigy’s advanced live access capabilities, we’ve added significant upgrades to this integration, providing a seamless and efficient experience for our customers. The primary objective of these updates is to optimize the efficiency of IT workflows while simultaneously improving the user experience for MSPs, by reflecting any changes made in either platform instantly. Our team at Addigy has worked diligently to ensure that these updates will have a significant impact on streamlining IT operations, and are excited to share all the new enhancements that are now available through our integration with Autotask.

The first key update is the ability to sync all device information Addigy collects with Autotask. This feature provides detailed information about the Apple devices being managed by Addigy, allowing MSPs to have a more complete view of their device fleet. The synced data includes device specifications, software inventory, and the most current compliance status.

The enhanced integration provides two-way ticket binding. MSPs can create, update, and close support tickets in both Addigy and Autotask. When a ticket is created in Addigy, it will automatically be created in Autotask, and vice versa, ensuring that all support tickets and Addigy monitoring items are tracked and managed from a single platform. Now, MSPs will have a full audit trail, reducing the need for manual data entry and streamlining IT workflows. 

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These updates to the Addigy-Autotask integration demonstrate Addigy’s commitment to  streamlining IT workflows, improving the overall user experience, and providing innovative and efficient IT management solutions for Apple devices.

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