Addigy Isn’t Just an Apple Community – We’re an Addigy Community

IT administrators maintain the technological backbone of today’s companies. Their support keeps businesses running. As Apple enthusiasts who design cloud-based IT solutions, the center of our business model is enabling companies that rely on Apple devices to provide excellent digital support to their end users.

We’re grateful that our jobs are centered around helping improve human connections and providing excellent service, especially in this moment when so many organizations have had to make swift transitions to support an entirely remote workforce. Afterall, connecting IT administrators to their end users and answering IT administrators’ questions is what we do. We couldn’t do this well without another kind of infrastructure – our community. We’re talking about the incredible network of Addigy users that make our work meaningful.

Here’s what you need to know about Addigy’s community and why these organic ties matter so much to everyone in our network.

Addigy People Are Apple People

Addigy people are part of the Apple community. We’re a group of Apple product devotees who love making software to help support IT teams and Apple devices users in a variety of environments. We value user privacy, network security, and excellent end-user support. These are all values that Apple shares, and it makes building a cloud-based SaaS solution rewarding.

We aim to share our philosophy and company culture with the passionate Mac community that manages Apple devices through the cloud through every customer relationship. But our team is not alone in building a support network for our users. The Addigy community that uses our product is as big a part of our SaaS solution as we are.

Customer and Community Support Is Part of Our Software’s DNA

We value communication so highly that we built in a communication tool to enable customer success in our platform. We know our team is there for users when they need us. The Addigy support team provides assistance to customers from onboarding to ongoing training, but we also understand that there’s nothing quite like peership.

Whether you’re in a position to troubleshoot new product releases or figure out how a new operating system will impact you, you’ve got the Addigy support team and other IT administrators who are actively testing updates before deployment. Whether you prefer to communicate via Slack or on our user forums, you’ve got options to help you connect with other users.

For end users within your organization, you’ve got the support of your IT admins and the backup support of Addigy’s team of experts.

A Community of Peers to Help You Address New Challenges

With Addigy, you don’t just get a SaaS product, you get a community of Mac IT admins who are actively interested in improving device management practices.

On our online support forum, Addigy users can submit help tickets, find answers to their questions, and connect with other Addigy users who have encountered similar quandaries in their own environments. Whether you’re looking for help scripting a new alert or you’re curious to know how folks are handling a problematic app update, the Addigy community is there for you with answers in hand.

One of the things we love about the Addigy community is that our users drive a collaborative and interactive environment. When the infamous Zoom vulnerability became known last year, our users had jumped into action and shared a patch before we even polled the room. It’s not because we were sleeping on this issue – the community is just that proactive.

In fact, our community is constantly sharing scripts that are deployed to devices and generating custom facts. These contributions help improve workflows, and the IT admins behind them help each other get answers to their day-to-day questions. This peership provides deeper support than any software solution could provide. That efficiency gets passed onto our end users through the Addigy community.

Attend a Training to Connect with the Addigy Community

In addition to the Addigy community online, there are many opportunities to connect with Apple enthusiasts who work outside your region or industry.

We find many in our community are interested in upping their game with Addigy Certification Expert or Addigy Certified Associates trainings. We offer multiple opportunities each year to participate. It’s hard to predict from here whether those trainings will be happening online or in-person in the months ahead (in response to COVID-19), but we will keep you posted and keep working to make the virtual meeting experience better for our community.

To learn about other opportunities to connect or about what Addigy can do to help your IT team manage Apple devices on your network, reach out to start the conversation today.


Download the white paper, How Apple Devices Enable and Secure the Modern Workforce

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