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Addigy Unveils One Click CIS Compliance for iOS and iPadOS

After meticulous planning and development, Addigy is proud to introduce its new iOS Compliance Benchmark—a first and a game-changer in the realm of tech compliance. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through the key features, challenges, and solutions that define this innovative benchmark.

Unveiling: iOS Compliance Benchmark

Addigy has long been recognized as a market leader in tech compliance, and the iOS Compliance Benchmark is a testament to our commitment to innovation. Our focus is on providing users with a seamless and efficient solution to achieve NIST and CIS compliance for their iOS devices.

Key Features of iOS Compliance Benchmark

Let’s delve into the core features that make the iOS Compliance Benchmark stand out:

  • Effortless Integration: Users can effortlessly add compliance to their iPhones and iPads with just a few clicks, aligning seamlessly with existing compliance benchmarks for macOS.
  • Unified Experience: In the catalog, users can find two options for CIS levels, one for iOS 16 and another for iOS 17. While there’s currently no difference between these benchmarks, future plans involve merging them into a unified “CIS Level 1” for a streamlined user experience.

Workflow and Differentiation from macOS Compliance

The workflow for iOS Compliance Benchmarks aligns with existing macOS benchmarks. Users can assign them directly from their policy or catalog, clone them to customize rules, and view/export compliance reports from the Devices page.

However, there’s a crucial distinction from macOS compliance benchmarks. While macOS allows running scripts for detailed validation, iOS relies on Apple’s MDM infrastructure, presenting unique challenges in data gathering and validation.

Addressing Customer Pain Points

The iOS Compliance Benchmark is designed to alleviate two significant pain points faced by customers:

  • Guidance on iOS Device Security: The benchmark provides users with detailed information on changes made to devices, offering guidance on securing iOS devices beyond the challenge of keeping them up to date.
  • Simplified Deployments: The benchmark simplifies the deployment of compliance benchmarks. Users can select a benchmark, choose policies for enforcement, and eliminate the need for extensive profile creation and maintenance.

Unique Challenges and Solutions

One notable challenge is the limited device data due to Apple’s MDM restrictions. Trusting the MDM profile for enforcement remains a central aspect of iOS compliance, and ongoing collaboration with compliance pioneers like Addigy is crucial for future enhancements.

Unveiling the Benchmark in Action

In the screenshot below, witness the successful installation of the profile on the device, accompanied by a passing compliance status. Clicking on the compliance link provides a comprehensive breakdown of all enforced rules, ensuring transparency and accountability.

One-Click Solution for iOS Compliance: A Market Leader

Addigy is leading the market by providing the first one-click solution for iOS CIS and NIST compliance. The team’s diligence has resulted in a cutting-edge benchmark that promises a seamless user experience.

As we continue to push the boundaries of iOS compliance, we invite you to explore the future with Addigy. Stay tuned for further updates and witness the evolution of tech compliance at your fingertips.

With the iOS Compliance Benchmark, we’re not merely meeting expectations; we’re setting new benchmarks for excellence. Let’s embrace the future of tech compliance together.

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