Empower Your Users with The All New Self Service

Three years ago we saw a need for our customers to empower their users with their own management tools and began working on a Self Service application. Shortly thereafter, we released MacManage.app. For over two years MacManage.app has provided your users with a way to install and update apps, submit tickets to your support team, and provide feedback about their IT experiences. It has also allowed you to send customized chat and notification messages to your users letting them know they’re in good hands.

Today, we’re revealing the next step in this process: an all new version of MacManage.app.

New User Experiences

We’ve learned a lot since the first release of Self Service and all of your great  feedback we’ve received. First and foremost we understand that Self Service applications need to feel like they were built by Apple and that leveraging native frameworks and functionality of macOS is the first step in building a strong relationship with your users. The MacManage.app isn’t going away, but the new release has been completely rewritten in Swift to create the best experiences for both you and your users. 


If you hadn’t guessed, this update means that Self Service now supports Dark Mode on macOS Mojave and Catalina. You also see other improvements that come from using native Apple libraries.


The revamped Install section in Self Service now includes options to filter applications by category and search for applications by name. We modeled this functionality after products like the App Store and think it’s a big improvement on the static page in our old app.

Try It Now

This Beta program is open to all existing Addigy customers, and its success depends on members of our community providing feedback about their experiences and needs. Want to give it a try? You can find all the instructions you’ll need in our article Welcome to the Self Service Open Beta Program.

We’re Not Done

Throughout the program, we’ll be releasing additional features to improve the lives of our Addigy admins managing Self Service. We want the Self Service experience to be as great for IT administrators as it is for your users. We’re working on some much-needed, quality-of-life changes to the Addigy web portal. First, we’ll be adding a new interface under the Self Service section of each policy to help you view and manage which apps are made available to people using those devices.

Also, we’re committing to making some adjustments to the Software section of Policies to better show apps which are being inherited for Self Service use.

These changes will be coming early in the new year.

The Future…

This release marks a new beginning for providing Self Service solutions with Addigy. We look forward to all the fantastic feedback from you that will help us pave the way for a fantastic Self Service experience in the months and years to come.

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