Beyond MDM: 3 Must-Haves for Better Apple Device Management

A mobile device management (MDM) solution is an integral part of any managed service provider’s (MSP) operations, if they want to support Apple devices. The tools you use to manage a Windows environment just don’t cut it when it comes to remote Mac management.

Today, an estimated 55 percent of small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) use or permit Mac computers in the workplace and that number is expected to grow. To be able to take on more Apple-heavy clients in the future, MSPs must adopt an Apple MDM solution that goes beyond basic IT support.

MSPs need Apple device management software that allows you to work effortlessly across multiple clients, ensures around-the-clock device security, and offers built-in remote accessibility. Here are three essential Apple device management functions that MSPs can enjoy through Addigy.

A View of All Client Devices Under a Single Pane of Glass

Many MDM solutions for Apple devices require systems engineers to handle each client environment separately. This limits visibility and increases the whole team’s workload, making it difficult to provide consistent quality of service for every client account.

In comparison, Addigy’s multi-tenant architecture helps you keep track of all your clients’ Apple devices in one place and perform multiple actions across device environments simultaneously.

You can create and apply policies, establish security alerts, and provision devices with custom applications securely with Smart Software, without having to switch between different client accounts.

Addigy’s multi-tenant capabilities make it easy to organize and manage clients’ devices under a single pane of glass. With this foundation, your team can operate more efficiently and be in position to scale your business with ease, without compromising on customer satisfaction.

Live Connections to Managed Devices at All Times

Today, most MDM solutions can only connect to devices a couple times each day, but the problem is that cybersecurity incidents can happen at any time. Mac computers are not immune to viruses or malware, either. In 2019, threats to Mac endpoints were up nearly 400 percent compared to 2018.

Especially with today’s remote workforce, clients rely on managed services for around-the-clock cybersecurity. You need a solution that increases your ability to identify risks and respond without delay.

Addigy Live is a patented Addigy feature that enables you to stay connected to devices at all times. Addigy users can get real-time updates on a device’s status, run automated security sweeps as often as every five minutes, and perform remote monitoring and remediation with custom scripts.

With the power of automation, systems engineers maintain better device security and save time. Addigy keeps your team in the loop and empowers you to develop a proactive approach to enterprise security.

Direct Access to Devices for Better Customer Support

Right now, your team may be relying on several third-party integrations for remote access to managed devices. But as you grow your business, the cost of additional licenses and tools may start to add up.

Addigy comes with built-in remote access features that can connect to endpoints at any time. These programs allow systems engineers to address clients’ concerns quickly and effectively:

  • GoLive: deploy commands, check for application / operating system updates, or get a general overview of a device’s specifications and settings.
  • Live Desktop: create a secure, remote live session with an end user’s Mac computer in just a few clicks
  • Live Terminal: allows consultants to securely and remotely connect to Mac computers via a command line.

With these programs, your team is always at the ready no matter how many Apple devices are under management. The quicker you can respond and keep clients’ devices running, the happier your customers will be, and the more revenue you’ll produce over time.

Cloud-Based Apple Device Management Software that Includes Everything You Need

To be an MSP that truly supports Apple devices, you need software that’s sophisticated enough to handle any Mac related questions your clients may have. Addigy combines a modern MDM with additional deployment, security, and remote access features that helps systems engineers increase profitability while improving their customer service.

If your current MDM solution wasn’t designed to support Apple devices, it may be time to migrate to one designed for more than just basic inventory and password management. Learn more about what Addigy can do from our blog, or get a personal demo of our product today


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