Empower Your Company through Mac Deployments

You probably don’t work at an organization that tracks how you spend every minute of your workday, but if you work at a budget-minded company, it’s likely you’re aware of just how much your company can save by implementing operational efficiencies. Saving your people time saves everyone money, and your IT team can play a big role in this chain.

Choosing Mac computers for your next major deployment can contribute your department’s efforts. The devices your team uses and the time they spend on them are the backbone of your organization, and you can start saving time from the minute your IT teams move from provisioning into deployment.

For end users, out-of-the-box deployments make it easy to get started by seamlessly incorporating enrollment in their organization’s mobile device management (MDM) solution in the device set-up process. And for organizations, happy end users that feel empowered to get things done will do just that. If this sounds wishful or far-fetched, read on for the numbers that back up these claims.

MDM Solutions Provide a Seamless Deployment Experience for End Users

Apple’s best-in-class UI has made its machines emblematic of productivity and technological prowess. Their designers aren’t just focused on appearances; their product experiences deliver on the seamless delivery their physical features suggest. Where end users spend an average of five minutes per day waiting for their PCs to wake or reboot, Mac computer users only lose one minute to these transitions.

And people who don’t spend time waiting for their devices to catch up to them have great reasons to feel better about their daily workflow. A recent study by Forrester found that there is 20 percent improvement in retention rate for employees choosing Mac. While there are many factors that go into retention, this number speaks to the positive feelings Mac users tend to have about their daily experience.

If you’re able to deliver this smooth, intuitive experience from deployment, you’ll set a positive tone for every day that follows.

IT Teams Save Time with Every Mac Computer Deployment

The PC imaging process can feel archaic. To this day, it’s notoriously manual and time-consuming, even as applications leap forward.

Your IT team knows better than anyone in your organization how much time they spend manually setting up PCs every week, and these numbers add up fast. Forrester found that it takes an IT employee five minutes to set up a Mac for provisioning, while it takes a full hour to prepare a PC for use.

Later down the road, Mac computers can be updated automatically, which can also be prompted through alerts within your MDM solution. These time savings add up, machine by machine, over the course of a year.

Perhaps the most impressive saving Mac deployments contribute come at scale. While one IT admin can manage 200 PCs, the same employee could take on 500 Mac devices, if they are following the industry best practices around deployments for enterprise.

Companies that Run on Mac Computers See Returns

Although Mac deployments may cost more up front, the cost to run and maintain Mac computers over time is lower than what you’d spend on a comparable PCs. Forrester’s study found that for every Mac computer you deploy, you’ll see reduced hardware, software, and support costs over time.

At an enterprise scale, this can add up to $678.56 per Mac device. This number may sound high, especially if you’re at an organization with hundreds of Mac computers in your fleet, but Apple computers prove their value out over time.

To frame this another way with the long-term in mind, while Mac computers typically cost $500 more than a comparable PC, Mac costs $628.31 less than comparable PCs when you take into account three-year support and operational costs. If you consider just how long your end users tend to hang onto their work computer, three years of support costs may even sound like a low estimate, as Mac computers famously age well.

Companies that run on Mac computers see significant returns over time, and these begin at deployment.

Mac Deployments Lead to Positive Operational Outcomes

We’re Apple people for a reason. We love their best-in-class experience: great software and great hardware make for an excellent mobile experience. The unparalleled out-of-the-box experience Apple has designed works in tandem with a mobile device management solution to ensure that all devices in your environment meet your security standards.

Apple’s Mac for Business and Mac for Education make enrollment and deployment easy. Their mobile-first design makes managing a fleet manageable. From automatic enrollment to cloud-based software updates, Mac computers can be dropshipped ready for custom enrollment in your mobile device management solution upon set-up.

What’s more, these features help your employees get straight to work with assurance that all the software they need is live on their devices from the start. Addigy’s unique live support features allow IT teams to get real-time visibility into potential threats and provide solutions to end users in real time. These features paired with key solutions, like MDM, allow you to deliver a positive user experience while eliminating tasks and response time in your day.

If you test drive Addigy’s all-in-one platform for your team, sign up for a free trial today.


Download the white paper, How Apple Devices Enable and Secure the Modern Workforce

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