GoLive – the Evolution Continues

The latest release of Addigy includes more changes to GoLive intended to improve your experience using Addigy to take care of your customers.

First you’ll notice that there is a new tab “Security”. This tab replaces what was the “FileVault” tab and will be the place you find all things security related for both iOS and Mac devices.

The Security tab will display the FileVault Encryption details when you’re viewing a Mac. If you’re viewing an iOS device you’ll see a brand new MDM command we’ve added with this release: “Clear Passcode”. We have many more capabilities planned for the Security tab and they will be rolling out soon.

Next you’ll see another new tab “Networking”. The first thing you’ll notice  is that “Speed Test” has moved to the new Networking tab, and the “Speed Test” tab is gone. This is part of our effort to simplify where things live in GoLive by putting related items together on the appropriate tab.

In this spirit you will see two new MDM capabilities on the Networking tab. First is the MDM command to toggle Remote Desktop access on Mac. Second is the turn on and off AirPlay Mirroring on devices.

As well as with the Security tab, there will be more capabilities coming to the Networking tab soon too!

To get the full details of this and every release please visit here.

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