How Managed Service Providers Can Shave IT Costs While Boosting Productivity

It can be a challenge to hit your SLAs on days when multiple clients hit snags at the same time. You have to figure out how many machines are impacted within each organization, come up with a solution and deploy it, all while juggling help desk tickets.

Depending on the tools you use, things can get a lot less complicated. Addigy’s Apple device management solution has multi-tenant capabilities. This means managed service providers (MSPs) don’t have to work harder than in-house IT teams to provide white-glove support to end-users. Specifically, your team won’t have to log in to different instances to access dashboards, build policies, or remote in to different workspaces.

Here are three ways the right cloud-based tool can help you improve your bottom line, build efficiencies, and demonstrate additional value to your clients.

1. Eliminate the Need for, and Cost of, Many Third-Party Tools

With Addigy’s Apple device management solution, your team can remotely manage endpoints for multiple clients under a single pane of glass. Unlike other MDM-only platforms, the Addigy agent provides additional, critical capabilities. Coupled with MDM Live (same platform!), you’ve got a suite of IT tools all under one hood. No gimmicks, no tricks.

This includes:

  • Robust remote desktop tools
  • Identity provisioning and management
  • Remediation automation
  • Self Service for internal ticketing and provisioning

If you’re an IT admin for a managed service provider that primarily supports Windows, you may be hesitant to add Apple devices to your roster due to the belief that these machines will add complexity and cost to your day-to-day. While other management platforms are one-dimensional (or cost extra for each additional feature), we really believe you can have it all!

2. Access to a Managed Third-Party Public Software Catalog

There are a TON of applications in the wild. And your customers all have a different tool-set that need your attention and familiarity. Updating and patching native applications is tiresome enough, let alone having to manage a growing number of third-party applications for each customer.

Addigy’s Third-Party Software Catalog is a collective list of maintained software titles our community most commonly uses. Within 7-days of an update or patch becoming available, Addigy will package, verify, and update the title in the catalog. Deployment of titles is easy, with just a few clicks by an administrator.

While your customers won’t see the mechanics behind your support, they will appreciate your proactive approach to preventing security vulnerabilities.

3. Save Time (and reduce stress) with Automated Remediations

Time is money. The ability to “set it and (kinda) forget it” is critical for your business to scale.

Addigy’s Community is a collective of crowd-sourced queries and scripts you can integrate into your own instance to remediate anything from simple policy infractions to massive security vulnerabilities. Even better, you don’t need to have a major in scripting to take advantage—a few clicks and you’ve got your workflow on and listening.

Let’s take malware prevention as an example, as malware can present tremendously costly problems to you and your clients in lost time and revenue. Say you want to set up a monitoring item for a group of endpoints to confirm their anti-malware application is installed, updated, and turned on at all times. In the event that your system detects a negative response from an endpoint, you can cue the system to do a myriad of things, from triggering an alert to your IT team to shutting down the device. If it is appropriate to push an automatic update of that software to that group of devices, you can also use this function to trigger that action.

By monitoring and remediating potential issues before they turn into problems, you’re delivering proactive services built right into your business offerings.

One Screen to Rule Them All

Single pane of glass management isn’t just a perk – it’s an organizing principle that allows IT admins unparalleled visibility into the status every managed endpoint, without toggling between windows or login credentials.

Addigy is the only Apple device management tool that’s built for multi-tenancy. Because our founders come from a Windows background, we designed Addigy to be easy to use, even for administrators coming from a Windows environment.

If you’ve been hesitating to add Mac computer support to your team’s list of capabilities, consider the business opportunity that exists in the Apple universe and how one device management solution can help to unlock it.

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