Malware Is on the Rise: Use MDM to Mitigate the Threat

Bad news first: a new report on the State of Malware shows that Mac malware is outpacing malware on PCs for the first time. The good news is that mobile device management (MDM) solutions offer a more robust toolkit than ever before to help address potential threats before they arise.

You may already know that the benefits of MDM solutions include custom device enrollment, deployment, and remote device management. But an MDM solution can also support your efforts to reduce the risk of malware on your Mac computers.

MDM solutions are built to help you monitor Apple devices, manage alerts, and set up automated remediations on enrolled devices, and these capabilities are central in the effort to combat Mac malware. Let’s dive in to talk about how an MDM solution can help you secure the Apple devices in your environment.

Beyond Inventory: Gain Visibility into Your Mac Computers Using MDM

MDM solutions provide a window into all of the Apple devices on your network, the software installed on those devices, and how up-to-date they are. It is critical to know what you know before you can locate the unknowns and potential risks in your environment.

Inventory is the first step in this process. But if your employees are working remotely here in the age of COVID-19, it may be nearly impossible to get an inventory without an Apple device management tool that’s built for remote IT administration.

With a live inventory at your fingertips, your team can proactively respond to Mac malware threats, which can help everyone work more efficiently (and with a stronger sense of security).

Is Your Anti-Malware Software Installed and Turned On?

You shouldn’t have to sit at your desk, hoping the anti-malware software you’ve selected is on and active. With the right MDM solution, you can have real-time assurance that your anti-malware software is installed, turned on, and updated.

For those with Mac malware concerns, it’s a good idea to have a software solution working on top of the excellent background measures Apple provides on all Mac computers. In the event that an end user downloads an unauthorized piece of software from a website or falls prey to a phishing scheme, this additional security measure can be critical to your company’s data security.

MDM software allows IT admins to create custom monitoring items, like one that checks to see that the right anti-malware software is installed on all enrolled computers at all times. Should this device fact come back as false, your MDM solution can run an automated script that pushes out that update, or block any further user action until the proper software is back up and running.

Leverage MDM Tools to Identify and Remediate Malware

Not all MDM software is created equal. While most MDM solutions provide tools to help Mac admins locate and remediate issues, not all include the same communications tools and efficiency. Addigy is the only MDM solution provider that includes live updates on every device on your network.

Rather than checking your device facts once or twice each day, our software is capable of checking for malware and identifying it within five minutes. If you have a global workforce, the difference between locating an issue at 6:00 AM in Barcelona and 6:00 PM in New York may be the difference between a devastating data breach and a quick resolution.

As state regulators and the SEC call for all companies to provide comprehensive IT support for all of their remote users, MDM solutions are listed as a key recommendation. It’s time for all businesses to recognize that all computers may be vulnerable to malware or viruses, and that this risk is heightened while a large part of the global workforce is forced to operate remotely due to the current pandemic. The benefits of MDM solutions are no longer a secret – they’re a known option that regulators celebrate.

A Security-First Solution to Support Your Anti-Malware Efforts

Apple is famously security-first and privacy-first. This is part of what makes Apple devices exceptional machines for enterprise use. If even part of your user base is operating off of Mac computers, you’re well positioned to adopt and roll out better security measures for your whole Apple fleet.

If you’ve been holding off on providing IT support that’s specific to these devices, an MDM solution can help you and your team navigate what may be an unfamiliar OS without undergoing hours of training or searching through a dense manual.

MDM solutions make it possible to provide a high level of security for a large number of devices, thanks to custom scripting opportunities and an interface that’s designed to make it easy to get a high-level view of all of the devices on your network. If you’re concerned about Mac malware and you’re not sure how to begin to address it, test out an MDM solution to see if it’s right for your organization.


Download the white paper, How Apple Devices Enable and Secure the Modern Workforce

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