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Product Release Recap for June 2022

Check out this recap on what was shipped for June – there was a lot. Check out the Release Notes site to keep up to date on the latest information.

New Product Features

Major Releases

  • Static Fields in GoLive (view, create, edit, and delete)!! Static field management was only possible from the devices page, but now they can be edited for an individual device in GoLive itself. 
  • Installation blocker for macOS Ventura is now in the public catalog. Read more about blocking OS Installations
  • Show only a device’s assigned policies. In GoLive, to see which policies are assigned to the device might require scrolling to find the selected checkboxes. This was very cumbersome for accounts with many policies. A new shortcut link lets you display only the ones that are assigned. (AM-10860)
  • Updated MDM Configuration Profiles: Dock, Network Usage, Software Update, Printing, Login Items, Finder, Privacy Preferences, and Lock Screen! Each one is now reconfigured to allow you to select individual settings (keys) you want to include. Required keys will always be enabled, but optional ones are not included unless you want them to be. 
  • View policy tree when searching through policies. Now, when you search for a policy with “Top-level only” de-selected, you’ll see any matching policies along with their subtree. (AM-10636)
  • Easily update Self Service software. The “Updates Available” notice in the policies page now allows you to update software even when it’s just assigned to Self Service (and not necessarily included in any policy). (AM-10635)
  • New Login Flow. Unless you use your account’s subdomain URL when logging in, you will be prompted to enter your email first before loading your login form, so that we can route you securely to your correct account. (Your subdomain can be found in the Account Settings page in case you want to bookmark it to skip this step in the future. ( AM-10622) This is a part of our new Login Experience you can read more about here.
  • Customize your Addigy, Phase 1. Change your start page! We’ve started building out your own “My Settings” page that adds some extra customization for your user account and doesn’t affect other team members. Click your username at the top right corner and select “My Settings”. Look for more coming soon. (AM-9398)
  • Deleting FileVault Keys. We added the ability to delete FileVault keys that have been created via MDM or through the Addigy agent. This functionality can be found on the GoLive -> Security Tab. (AM-8875)
  • Universal Search now includes Static Fields. The search function on the devices page and dashboards now includes values in Static Device fields to help in finding a device quickly. (AM-10854)

Minor Releases

  • Add Select All & Deselect All Options to Users > Add User / Edit User Pop Up. For large accounts that manage a large amount of users, we made it easier to manage a user’s allowed policies. 
  • Auto-Assignment device test is now separate from the save action. When editing an auto-assignment on a policy, you can do a dry-run test on your devices to see how many would apply. That feature is now decoupled from the button to save changes.

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