Stay On Top of Apple Device Management News: April 2022

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Why MSPs Need Multi-tenant Apple Device Management  – ChannelE2E

Apple devices in the workplace have seen a 6% increase from 2019 to 2021. This means there’s a need for IT admins to deploy, manage and secure these new Apple devices, and seek out a scalable Apple device management solution that will increase operational efficiencies and help them improve their end-user experiences. One capability that can set you up for success is multi-tenancy. With the ability to manage multiple independent customers’ devices inside a single environment, you’ll be able to sweep for issues across an entire fleet all at once. Read the full blog and find out how to scale your MSP business with a multi-tenant Apple device management platform.


Managing Mobile Devices in the Hybrid Workplace in 2022 – My Tech Decisions 

The hybrid work model has become more popular among workers globally but for IT professionals, the hybrid work model is a security concern obliging IT admins to constantly evaluate the best way to manage mobile devices. Read our latest blog on  to learn how an MDM solution can help you roll out a self-service portal for an improved and secure end-user experience and help to ensure you have the security measures in place for your business to thrive in a hybrid workplace.


Managing Apple Devices Here’s why ACN Matters  – ChannelE2E

Apple device adoption in the workplace is on the rise, along with cyber criminals trying to exploit it. As a result, MSPs are adapting by expanding their skill sets to include an Apple focus by joining the Apple Consultants Network (ACN). The ACN provides them with premier training to enhance their Apple expertise while also recognizing its value in the marketplace. Learn how to join Apple’s ACN network in our latest ChannelE2E blog post and what requirements are needed to apply. Plus, you’ll discover how this special distinction can drive opportunities and help you stand out in a competitive market.

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