Apple Device Management News for March

Stay On Top of Apple Device Management News for March

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Apple’s ‘Peek Performance’ Event: 6 Biggest Announcements – CRN

The tech giant shocked us all on March 8, 2022 with a new supersized chip and high-end machine that’s all business. Apple dropped its biggest bombshell during the event with its M1 Ultra chip, promising unheard of performance eclipsing that of its first M series chips. Read the article here and find out why we believe Apple is shifting focus on growth in the enterprise with these new high-performance tools!

Podcast: Apple Mac Device Management for MSPs Explained – ChannelE2E

Since Apple devices are still a little foreign for some MSPs, they find it challenging to manage and monetize from this new trend. However, MSPs that added Addigy to their toolset in 2021 grew their Mac-oriented business engagements by roughly 60 percent when compared to 2020. Watch the interview with our Founder & CEO, Jason Dettbarn, to get an introduction to the massive growth of Apple in the enterprise, his personal career journey, and why he maintains empathy with MSP business owners.

Why MSPs Supporting Apple Devices Need More Than Just Apple Business Manager – ChannelE2E

Although Apple devices are becoming more popular in the office, most remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions aren’t necessarily designed for Apple devices or giving device users the Apple experience they expect. That’s where Apple Business Manager comes in – to help MSPs set up Apple devices with the appropriate settings for their clients. Another huge benefit of using this tool is Automated Device Enrollment, which helps apply and enforce security settings and policies across Apple devices right out of the box. Read the blog to learn how this tool can save MSPs time and money.

OKTA Data Breach Statement – Addigy Blog

In case you missed it, last week we published a response to the recent Okta breach. Addigy confirms it does not use the OKTA products within our environment. Addigy does integrate with OKTA for Single-Sign-On and Addigy Identity Login. If you use OKTA, based on current recommendations, we would suggest rotating passwords and API Keys/SSO Certificates where applicable. For more information, read the full statement here.

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