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Top 5 Considerations While Choosing a Remote Access Solution for IT Support

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Last year saw a tremendous acceleration of trends like remote work, cloud computing, bring your own device (BYOD), and others.  Every industry that has undergone digital transformation is seeing a significant increase in productivity and efficiency.

Through this continued transformation, IT professionals have been the heroes who have made it possible to leverage and implement new-age technology solutions that support these trends while meeting business goals. 

Remote access is one such technology that’s proven to not only increase remote work productivity but also make it easier for IT teams to effectively manage devices and support their organization. 

Why is remote access an important tool for IT?

Delivering successful customer or user experiences has never been more important than it is today, especially when it comes to IT support. Providing timely responses and resolutions to users’ help requests is paramount, and that’s where remote access or remote control comes in. 

As an IT professional, you have several tasks and support requests to get to. They could range from ensuring that the security software is up to date, looking into why a job failed, helping  users with their devices, and so on. Remotely accessing and controlling the device, which could be anywhere in the world, is a guaranteed way to quickly investigate and troubleshoot. No more having long chats and phone calls with users to find out what’s going on, on the other side. You can remote in and see for yourself, just as you would in person.

5 considerations while choosing a remote access solution

How do you decide which remote access solution best fits your needs and existing infrastructure?  

Here’s what you should consider:

Does it meet your security standards?

Cyber risk for businesses has increased significantly as a result of recent trends. Ignorance or leniency when it comes to security could endanger not just yours but your customers’ businesses as well. Make sure your remote access solution ticks all the boxes for authorization, authentication, encryption, logging, and other security measures, as well as compliances.  You should also be able to assign granular permissions and control privileges for the different user groups. Security is not a one-time fix, it needs constant updating. Select the solution that not only has the necessary checks and balances built-in but also keeps up with the ever-changing security landscape.

Will it simplify your toolset and workflows?

Technology is meant to make our jobs easier, not more complicated. Having multiple, siloed tools that do not seamlessly integrate only increases the challenges for IT. Choose solutions that cater to multiple use cases and help you consolidate your toolset – for example choose a remote access solution that’s suited for remote work as well as providing remote support. It should also integrate with your existing PSA, RMM, and ticketing systems to provide maximum benefit to technicians. Superfluous features and a complex user interface will make the adoption difficult. The solution must be easy to deploy and use.

 Will it give you the performance and flexibility you need to attain your business goals?

Performance, flexibility, and scalability are important factors to keep in mind while choosing the remote access solution. It should enable you to quickly and effectively respond and adapt to situations like having to set up a hybrid workplace, support a broader variety of devices, mergers, acquisitions, and others.

Will you get the ROI you need?

Just like IT tools are meant to make your job easier, they are also meant to make you more profitable. Pay only for what you require. Choose a cost-effective solution that caters to your use case. 

Is the company a reliable partner?

It’s not simply about purchasing a solution, it’s about building a trustworthy partnership. Find a partner that will support you after the purchase, hear your feedback and give timely responses to your requests. The remote access company should support you just like you support your customers.


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