What MDM Can Do for Your Company by the Numbers

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, many workplaces around the world have made quick shifts to remote work. Whether this pandemic has caused your company to shrink or grow, your business’ security is probably on your mind, and the need for remote IT support may have quickly moved from the “nice to have” column to the “need to have” column of your priority sheet.

If your company is still debating whether a mobile device management solution is the right tool to help you manage Apple devices in your network, we’ve gathered a few pieces of quantitative information to help you understand just what MDM can do for your company.

Mobile device management software for Apple devices can help improve your company’s data security, boost end user productivity, and enhance operational efficiency for your IT team. Let’s dig in!

MDM Solutions Help Secure Your Data and Protect Your Devices

If you have Apple devices in your environment but you don’t provide IT support for these users, it’s time to start. Adding Mac computers to your company’s active directory just doesn’t cut it, and threats to Mac devices are on the rise.

From 2018 to 2019, there was a 400 percent increase in threats to Mac computers. On average, there was double the number of threats per Mac endpoint compared to PCs. Perhaps especially as your team works remotely, security should be a top priority. The right MDM solution will help you mitigate and respond to threats by enabling you to:

  • Remotely configure security settings and install the latest malware protection on all managed Apple devices.
  • Set up alerts to regularly monitor devices for suspicious activity or unauthorized changes.
  • Automatically identify and remediate any security issues.

Your MDM solution should also be able to respond quickly if a device is no longer in the hands of an employee. With Addigy, IT admins have access to Remote Lock and Remote Wipe functions to ensure that you retain control over data on missing or decommissioned devices.

MDM Solutions Boost End User Efficiency and Productivity

Apple users love their devices. We don’t have hard data to back that up, but we know this from experience. And we do have proof that having the right mobile device management makes for more satisfied and productive end users.

A recent study from Forrester found that Apple devices can save end users an average of 48 hours over three years and improve sales performance by five percent. The experience of working on an Apple device is excellent: their machines are beautiful, best-in-class, and deliver an intuitive user experience.

But your company needs to back that experience up with enterprise-level support that ensures the devices are functionally optimal and that they meet your business’ standards. Today, when many end users are working remotely over a sustained period of time, it’s critical that your IT team has the ability to configure VPNs and provide customized enterprise network accessibility for end users. A mobile device management solution can help make this happen at scale.

Mobile Device Management Helps Your Apple IT Support Scale with Your Company

Whether your IT admins are lifelong Apple enthusiasts or PC gurus who are new to managing Apple devices, an MDM solution can help them keep your fleet in great shape at scale (without needing to speak Mac).

Mobile device management tools are a boon to IT teams, as this software can help your department:

  1. Be proactive and get out ahead of issues before they arise. With Addigy’s device facts, you can identify applications on devices that may need important software updates or urgent patches. This allows you to address potential concerns before they turn into issues that disrupt end users and add to your teams’ queue.
  2. Keep an accurate inventory of the Apple devices on your network and improve your provisioning process.
  3. Deploy new devices more quickly with the help of your MDM: Forrester found that IT teams can set up Mac devices in 5 minutes or less right out of the box, compared to the hour that it may take for equivalent PC devices.
  4. Keep applications and operating systems up-to-date, so that Apple device users have access to all the tools they need in a secure environment.

MDM solutions also give your IT team their time back. It should come as little surprise that Apple device users already submit 50 percent fewer tickets than PC users, but the right MDM solution can help reduce the number of tickets even further.

Mobile Device Management for Apple Devices is Good for Everyone

Over 70 percent of small and medium-sized businesses don’t use a mobile device management solution, and the result is that their end users (and their data) are exposed to unnecessary risk. Without the right device support, organizations hold themselves back from functioning at full capacity.

Beyond the cost and time savings MDM solutions can offer, mobile device management provides Apple device users with a better daily experience. Every company stands to benefit from stronger security, happier employees, and a more efficient IT infrastructure. Mobile device management can deliver these outcomes and make sure that your end users are working safer and smarter, whether they’re plugged in at their desk downtown or working in their home office space.


Download the white paper, How Apple Devices Enable and Secure the Modern Workforce

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