What to Expect with macOS Monterey

Following the legacy of macOS Big Sur, Apple’s latest software release macOS Monterey provides convenient system upgrades — as well as a few improvements exclusively for Macs. To keep your devices running smoothly, Apple releases software updates throughout the year and a new macOS version, like macOS Monterey, annually

Importantly, when Apple devices are forced to operate on outdated software, it puts critical functionality, such as security and speed at risk. While macOS Monterey provides such regular system updates, it also provides some exciting new features for iPhones, iPads, and Macs. 

The macOS Monterey operating system offers a seamless workflow between all Apple devices, so team members can stay productive wherever they go. Even more, this new software release makes favorite apps like FaceTime and Messages more practical for accomplishing daily tasks. 

If you are unsure whether macOS Monterey is worth installing on Macs in your network, learn about the newest features with this brief introduction from Addigy. 

Key Highlights About New macOS Monterey Features 

With new Monterey OS features, Apple has provided upgrades that benefit both single users as well as enterprise-sized organizations. Whether it be the peace of mind that comes with increased security or the practical convenience of screen sharing, these new benefits are designed to make your users’ life easier. 

Erase All Content and Settings 

Erase All Content and Settings has long been a feature for iOS and iPadOS devices, but has recently been upgraded to also work with Mac computers. With this feature, you can clear Apple devices of all content and settings, without having to entirely reinstall the macOS. 


The macOS Monterey Erase All Content and Settings feature is particularly useful for large organizations that utilize Apple products with employee teams. With Erase All Content and Settings, system administrators save significant time when removing employees or dealing with lost devices. 

Increased User Privacy 

Increased privacy is a major focus of the latest macOS Monterey updates. Of particular noteworthy is Private Relay, a new feature that keeps your device secure by hiding your IP address and location when browsing the web with Safari. 

Especially for employees who switch between different mobile devices throughout the day, keeping Safari secure is a great way to protect important data while working remotely.

macOS Managed Software Updates 

MDM administrators have the ability to manage macOS upgrades with Monterey. Importantly, you can delay important software updates until your team is 100% ready. Take your time and test important apps for compatibility before rolling-out company-wide updates. You can delay software releases for up to 90 days without putting devices at risk. 

Learn More About the Latest macOS Monterey  

From individuals accomplishing tasks quicker to the streamlined sharing of information between teams, the latest macOS Monterey updates will increase productivity in your organization.

Addigy is one of the top cloud-based IT management platforms in the industry. By following the advice of our Apple experts, your organization can implement macOS upgrades in a fashion best suited for your needs. 

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