Why SaaS services are a must for today’s Mac-centric MSP

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Very much like Addigy, Augmentt is investing in the lucrative future unfolding for managed service providers (MSPs) in the new cloud-based era of IT, be it on PC or Mac platforms.

Today’s MSPs have a rich opportunity in the realm of Apple devices because they are ideally positioned to incorporate highly beneficial ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) management services as the business world accelerates its across-the-board migration to cloud IT.

What’s special about Mac users? We know that compared to PC users, Mac folks are generally younger, more educated, and more likely to be early adopters of emergent technology like SaaS.

In the bigger business world, Mac adoption is expected to continue on an upward trend right along with SaaS adoption. In a 2020 survey of 1,500 IT and information security professionals, 65% of organizations that use PCs predominantly said they would increase their Mac device count in the next 12 months, while 74% of Mac-based organizations said they would increase theirs.

Thinking more closely about cloud IT, Apple is becoming a bigger player there, too.

In early January of 2022, Apple reported that it had 785 million paying subscribers for services, up 27% year over year and that revenue from Apple’s Services in 2022 rose 24%, to $19.5 billion, in the final quarter of 2021. Apple recorded all-time high revenue for cloud, music, video, advertising, and payment services, said CFO Luca Maestri January, while CEO Tim Cook added that the company now has an active installed base of more than 1.8 billion devices worldwide.

Meanwhile SaaS growth continues by leaps and bounds across all IT platforms and practices. According to Gartner, the SaaS industry has increased in size by around 500% over the past seven years and is now thought to be the most important tech in business success.

Wise MSP will leverage Augmentt Discover

All of this is why Augmentt Discover (with Mac Agent) can be such a highly valuable business-building tool for the MSP at work on the Apple side of things. Discover gives MSPs and their clients an unprecedented and clear view of the client’s entire SaaS infrastructure—and thereby sheds light on high-risk Shadow IT.

Using an advanced agent, Augmentt Discover quickly identifies every SaaS application in use across an organization, regardless of user location, device type, and whether they use desktop or browser apps.

With Discover, MSPs leverage a library of 22,000+ applications to automatically categorize SaaS by job function and risk, then instantly classify apps according to their security, financial or productivity level of risk. Are you starting to see how valuable this can be for security-minded clients wanting top optimize SaaS usage?

Importantly, Augmentt Discover is a multi-tenant solution designed with collaboration in mind, allowing an MSPs client to access and view their own SaaS picture across the on-site and remote user base. The resulting insight lets MSPs confidently recommend and act on sound strategies that improve SaaS security and productivity.

In the months and years ahead, MSPs who invest in new skills and tools to effectively orchestrate, secure, and manage SaaS usage are positioned to become the key drivers of a channel where Apple presence continues to claim market share.

About Augmentt

Augmentt is the Leading Cloud App Security and SaaS management platform for MSPs. Start managing and securing SaaS and watch your revenues grow faster than traditional MSPs.

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