Video: Daily Management & Maintenance Transcripts


Now that a device has been added to Addigy, let’s dive into the management platform and take on the role of an administrator. This section will cover data around managed devices and quick actions that can be taken.

Device Page

At the heart and soul of Addigy is the devices page. This page enables administrators to quickly search for specific data using our universal search bar and take action on those devices. In addition to search, an administrator can also use filters and target a specific device fact to really drill down into a targeted device grouping.
Once the right group of devices are found, preconfigured scripts can be selected and deployed, a quick one line command can be manually written, or an export data can be selected for external processing.The devices page also has quick actions that can be taken by expanding the device’s row. This allows an administrator to gain quick access to tasks like screen sharing support, remote terminal access, lock commands, and much more.

Now let’s dive deeper into a single device with GoLive. With GoLive, we can review device details, installed software, security settings, and much more. Additionally, we can take actions like install software or a settings profile all from a single screen.


GoLive is a one-stop-shop for up-to-date device information and enables fast access to actionable data and ways to efficiently support users. When an administrator navigates to a device in GoLive, the device will start to report second by second information like CPU and Memory usage and currently running software and processes.

Tabs like software and profiles are designed to quickly show the state of the device and then allow deployment of additional software or configurations from the same area. An administrator can simply search for a critical software title, confirm installation status, and install if missing.

Remote support sessions can also be started from this area. Easily connect into a device with our built in Live Desktop that leverages Apple native tools like Screen Sharing or enable third party options like Splashtop. If just a remote command line is needed, an administrator can use LiveTerminal to quickly start a session and run a couple quick commands to resolve a ticket.

GoLive is a support technician’s swiss army knife. With access to remote support, device status, and software and settings deployment it’s all accessible within a single space.

With the device page and GoLive, our goal is to bring actionable information to administrators quickly and have the tools nearby to resolve common tasks. From software inventory and deployment to remote screen screen sharing, support staff will love having everything they need in one place.

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