Endpoint Security & Threat Management for Mac

There’s been a dramatic increase in remote work and hybrid office models, resulting in a greater reliance on technology to remain connected. Yet, while many employees are enjoying the flexibility of working from home, IT administrators are scrambling to secure rapidly changing networks.

Cybercriminals have grown increasingly sophisticated. In fact, in a recent survey, about 25% of businesses reported having experienced a data breach within the previous year. 

Addigy mobile device management (MDM) offers endpoint security to protect and monitor devices in complex ecosystems. With Addigy, you can enable firewalls, encrypt data, set strict password requirements, install antivirus or anti-malware, and much more, to ensure you properly harden your macOS devices, and reduce the risks of a potential cyber attack.

macOS Security Tools 

Endpoint security and threat management are essential aspects of Addigy’s robust platform. These elements are reinforced by a diverse array of macOS security features and tools.

Zero Touch Deployment  

With zero touch deployment from Addigy, IT admins can set up new devices with proper Mac and iOS security protocols in place without ever handling the device. With this convenient option, employees receive devices with relevant applications, OS updates installed, and preordained security protocols installed, ensuring devices are fully protected from day one.

Remote Lock and Wipe

Addigy allows IT admins to immediately lock or wipe a macOS or iOS device that is at risk of being compromised so that data remains secure. 

Password Management 

Addigy MDM offers several approaches to supporting how your users authenticate with their Mac devices. Implementing smart identity management―especially single sign-on (SSO)―allows end users to seamlessly log into Apple devices with familiar and secure identity provider credentials.

Zero touch deployment allows users to log in to their macOS devices with familiar and secure identity provider credentials. Zero touch deployment also automates Mac password resets without the need for a technician.

Addigy MDM software also provides military-grade password encryption and multi-factor authentication, while allowing IT admins to enforce strict password policies across the network. In addition, Addigy provides role-based access control within your mobile network, ensuring people only have access to data they truly need.

Monitoring & Remediation

Addigy features built-in monitoring and remediation to ensure all software is up-to-date, all security settings are in place, and automates the remediation of problems the moment they are detected. Monitoring and remediation allow you to catch vulnerabilities before they become big problems. By partnering with Addigy, IT admins can spend less time putting out fires with Mac and iOS devices and more time advancing their business priorities. 

FileVault Recovery Keys 

Addigy’s MDM integrates with FileVault to help IT administrators provide secure management of company data.

FileVault allows you to encrypt all data on Apple device startup disks. In turn, this ability ensures that data is only accessed if the right person’s login credentials have been used. FileVault offers a seamless way to protect end-user devices with no effort on their part. 

Blocking Major macOS Upgrades 

By blocking major macOS upgrades, Addigy allows you to test new software in your network before it is implemented across your fleet. While all Apple devices need the latest software to work efficiently and securely, system-wide software upgrades can cause serious interruptions in day-to-day operations.

Waiting to install major macOS upgrades until your network is ready is a great way to mitigate the potential risk of system crashes.

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