Build Your Apple Foundation

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Nov 8, 2023
Build Your Apple Foundation

Watch our transformative series with Ben Greiner, Addigy’s Apple Champion & Growth Advisor, now available on-demand. Learn to thrive in the Apple ecosystem, reduce frustration, and deliver exceptional Apple experiences through our actionable tips on growing your MSP business with Apple. The topics in our series are divided into three 30-minute webinars each—Walk, Run, and Fly—covering essential concepts, challenges, and advanced strategies.

After viewing our 3-part Build Your Apple Foundation series, you will be able to:

  • Realize the benefits of becoming a certified member of the Apple Consultants Network
  • Quickly become a successful member of the Apple Consultants Network
  • Make money with Apple Business Stores
  • Appreciate the advantages of Apple Business Manager
  • Understand the training opportunities from Apple and Addigy
  • Talk with your clients about Apple Business Connect and Tap to Pay on iPhone
  • Position your team as thought leaders in the Apple space

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