sudo [talks] : The WWDC Afterparty

Jun 25, 202412:00pm

The WWDC 2024 analysis Afterparty

Join us June 25 at 12:00ET for the upcoming episode of Sudo Talks where we will dissect the announcements from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024. This highly anticipated event is packed with updates that could significantly impact your role as a Mac admin. Secure your spot today!


Dissecting WWDC

In previous WWDCs, Addigy has consistently provided valuable insights into the newly announced Apple technologies, ensuring you understand their implications and are ready to implement them. 

For instance, we were one of the first to respond to Apple’s Declarative Device Management (DDM) and Managed Apple IDs (MAID) within our Addigy MDM platform, demonstrating our commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

What to expect

  • In-depth Analysis of WWDC Announcements: We’ll break down the key highlights from WWDC 2024.
  • Impact on IT Admins: Understand the practical implications of the latest Apple developments.
  • Expert Opinions and Tips: Gain insights from Apple experts on best practices and actionable steps to integrate these new features seamlessly into your IT infrastructure.

Your Analysts and Speakers

Jason Dettbarn

Founder & CEO

Ben Greiner

Apple & Growth Advisor

Bradley Chambers

Journalist at

Bryce Carlson

Sr Product Manager

Travis Berry

Product Specialist

About our special guest analyst and speaker Bradley Chambers

Bradley Chambers served as the IT Director for a school in Chattanooga, where he managed the information technology department and technology integration in the classroom. During his tenure, he oversaw a network of hundreds of Macs and iPads, and multiple phone systems across four campuses. 
Currently, Bradley is a journalist at 9to5Mac, where he covers, enterprise software, enterprise hardware, and how Apple fits into the enterprise environment.