Video: Monitoring and Remediation


Monitoring and Remediation

Monitoring and remediation is a core feature within Addigy. By using powerful device facts and custom device facts, an alert can be created based on set criteria. Let’s take a look at the Gatekeeper monitoring item in the catalog.

Gatekeeper is a powerful builtin tool to macOS to ensure software is properly created and identified with Apple. With this monitoring item an alert will be generated and a script to remediate the issue will be run. Criticality and emails can be configured as well depending on the severity of the alert.

Additionally, administrators can view an overview of triggered alerts with the Monitoring Dashboard. With the Monitoring dashboard administrators can review open alerts, mark completed ones after a remote support session, and view automatically remediated alerts (like the gatekeeper one that we just configured). Also, this page is great for reviewing historical alerts to see if a piece of software, malware, antivirus, or user continues to modify an important security setting.

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