Get Alerts & Fix Problems Before They Happen

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could resolve issues before they result in downtime for your end users? With Addigy, you can! Our native monitoring and automated remediation enables you to catch and resolve small problems before they become big issues.

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Keep everyone operating on a secure network

At Addigy, we understand how challenging it can be to create and maintain cybersecurity protocols and retain a secure network. In fact, there is no one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter solution to achieving network security.

Addigy provides the tools you need to get there, including mobile device management (MDM), patch management, enterprise mobility, remote monitoring and management, and unified endpoint management, so you have a clear picture of your network and devices.

After you create and assign your policies, you can monitor for any deviations from the baseline and get alerted if a device falls out of compliance. Oftentimes, deviations can be automatically remediated to ensure devices are always kept in an ideal, secure state.

Alerts and remediation best practices

Get time back in your day

Addigy lets you eliminate redundant tasks with automation, so you can focus on running your business. With Addigy’s monitoring and remediation capabilities, you can greatly reduce time wasted on routine maintenance and other repetitive tasks. You can even set up alerts based on workflows, as well as automated work tags that prioritize certain types of updates or alerts.

Having a robust monitoring and remediation tool does more than protect your business against data leaks and compliance infractions. These important mobile device security protocols also create a more functional and productive work environment.

Get time back in your day with the reassurance that your managed network is being monitored closely and you’ll be the first to know of any possible issues. Watch our on-demand demo to learn more.

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