Quickly Remediate Issues and Move from Reactive to Proactive

Prioritize items before they’re fires with monitoring and automated remediation. Use your extra time to handle the bigger strategy items and move your organization forward.

Our platform gives you the ability to change or improve your processes:

  • Proactively manage upgrades and updates
  • Address security risks and potential threats in your environment
  • Generate operational efficiencies

See how Addigy generates alerts and automated remediation in less than 2 minutes

Keep everyone operating on a secure network

Addigy provides you with a robust platform of solutions—MDM, patch management, enterprise mobility, remote monitoring and management, and unified endpoint management—so you can get a clear picture of your network and devices.

Be notified if something needs immediate remediation and react efficiently rather than scrambling.

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Support your end users the day Apple ships a new OS

Whether it’s a major security upgrade or a small software UI update, Addigy is flexible and supports your workflows and policies when it comes to upgrades and updates.

Choose from a variety of options on how you want to roll out updates based on your policies as well as user preferences.

Get time back in your day

Managing a fleet of Apple devices can be cumbersome, but it doesn’t need to be.

Eliminate redundant tasks with a comprehensive IT platform designed for Apple devices so you can set up alerts based on your workflows. Automate your alert tags so you can gain efficiency by prioritizing certain types of updates or alerts.

Get time back into your day with the reassurance that your network is being monitored closely. Use Addigy’s built-in solutions and tools to ensure your network operates smoothly, leaving you with time to push your strategic priorities forward.